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‘Bridgerton’ Might Have An LGBTQ Future & Fans Are Losing It

Happy pride month to all of the Bridgerton fans. On June 13, we finally got Season 3 Part 2, which confirmed that there will be queer couples in the series. Fans have been trying to guess which Bridgerton siblings would have queer storylines since Season 1. The finale of Season 3 left everyone stunned, with the answer not being what we thought at all. Spoiler warning: Spoilers for Bridgerton Season 3 follow. 

In past seasons, Benedict Bridgerton (played by Luke Thompson) has had chemistry with male characters, leading fans to root for him to be queer. But it turns out, we weren’t the only ones. In a June 13 interview with Deadline, Bridgerton showrunner Jess Brownell said, “When we talked about Benedict’s storyline this season in the room, so many of us, including myself, felt like he reads as a queer character in Season 1 and 2. So we felt like we wanted to make sense of that.”

Of course, Benedict stans are so here for his queer storyline, especially after seeing him in a polyamorous relationship in Season 3. (ICYMI,In Season 3, Benedict found himself in a throuple with Lady Tilley Arnold and her close friend Paul.)

Another character fans think could have a queer love story is Eloise Bridgerton (played by Claudia Jessie), who was majorly shipped this season with her frenemy, Cressida Crowper (played by Jessica Madsen).

Honestly, no ones ship the couple more than Madsen. The queer actor constantly posts the pair on Instagram with their ship named #creloise. Though it seems like for both Benedict and Eloise, those possible love stories have come to an end, we got confirmation that another Bridgerton is queer. 

But Benedict and Eloise aren’t the only ones fans think are in the running for Season 4’s potential queer lead. 

In episode 8 of Season 3, it is revealed that Francesca Bridgerton (played by Hannah Dodd) now has a female love interest. I have to say, I did not see this one coming (or should I say coming out). In Francesca’s book, When He Was Wicked, after her husband tragically dies, she falls in love with his cousin, Michael Sterling. 

In the show, Michael is Michaela, making Francesca a queer canon. Also, with Michaela Stirling being Black, there’s a chance we’ll get Black queer representation on the show, and that’s such a win for us. 

Brownell is also excited about this relationship and has been “pitching the Francesca queer story from the beginning.”

“When I read her book, I, as a queer woman, really related to her book. Maybe in a way Julia Quinn didn’t intend, but a lot of Francesca’s book is about feeling different from her family and from the world around her and not really knowing why,” Brownell said. “In the book, I think it’s mostly just about being introverted. But I think for a lot of queer people, not every queer person, but a lot of queer people, that sense of feeling different from the time you’re young, is part of our stories. So it felt like a natural one to gender bend.” 

Since seeing Francesca’s new love interest in Season 3, fans have been flooding X/ Twitter with their reactions.  

Fans have been freaking out about the three Bridgerton family members storylines. It may be Polin’s season, but it’s also pride month, and we couldn’t be more excited to have multiple queer couples in the series. Positive and healthy queer relationships are so important to see on screen, and we are counting down the days until we get to see another one of the Bridgerton siblings take the lead while being out and proud with their queer love. 

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