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Blake Lively is Officially a Member of Taylor Swift’s Squad

The future is now—our two favorite blondes have joined forces and announced it to the world via Instagram. This reveal was a gradual one. Taylor Swift had been posting pictures of herself in Australia on a much-deserved break this week. We thought we were excited about her becoming BFFs with a baby kangaroo, but then we saw who her actual newest squad member was.


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That's right, collegiettes! Blake Lively, who still holds a special place in our hearts as Serena Van der Woodsen, has been hanging with T-Swift this week, and we think that together, they can own the pop culture scene.

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Blake, who has made an amazing comeback into the Hollywood scene after giving birth to her daughter, James (who is about to turn 1!) is the perfect new addition to Taylor's crew. She and Taylor have always been class acts who enjoy the cozy things in life, like baking cupcakes and reading a good book, and together they can be the ones to make staying in be the new partying, which we wouldn't mind at all!

So, what do you think, collegiettes? Are you as excited as we are to see what else these two wonderful ladies do next? 

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