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What Is Billie Eilish’s “L’Amour De Ma Vie” About? Here’s The Tea

In case you weren’t aware, Billie Eilish dropped her brand new album HIT ME HARD AND SOFT on May 17 and it features bop after bop. One of her songs, “L’AMOUR DE MA VIE” has been playing non-stop in my mind. So, what the heck is it even about? Don’t worry, I got you and so does Google Translate. 

This song is doozy, y’all. It’s over five minutes long and, around the three-and-a-half minute mark, it starts to sound like a completely different song altogether. It starts out melancholic and chill and then becomes robotically autotuned and upbeat. I’m busting out that one semester of French I took again to help us figure out these lyrics. “L’AMOUR DE MA VIE” is French for “the love of my life.” That’s awk because in the song, Eilish confesses to an ex that they weren’t really the “love of her life.” Ouch.

The song begins with Billie singing, “I wish you the best for the rest of your life / Felt sorry for you when I looked in your eyes / But I need to confess, I told you a lie / I said you / You were the love of my life / The love of my life.” No sugar-coating these lyrics. Sis was lying about loving her ex big time.

It appears that the singer’s ex-relationship was flawed, with both partners not making the other feel great, despite the fact that Eilish tried to be supportive. In the first verse, she sings, “Did I break your heart? / Did I waste your time? / I tried to be there for you / Then you tried to break mine.” What did her ex do to try and break Billie’s heart?? Not cool. 

Eilish sings in the second verse, “So you found her, now go fall in love (Go fall in love) / Just like we were if I ever was (If I ever was) / It’s not my fault, I did what I could (Did what I could) / You made it so hard like I knew you would.” It’s clear that after the couple broke up, her ex moved on pretty quickly. The lyrics “Go fall in love / Just like we were if I ever was” are tearing out my heart. 

Eilish goes on to reveal that she left the relationship because she knew her ex loved her more than she loved them. The drama. In the bridge, Eilish sings, “But after I left, it was obvious why (Oh), mm / Because for you, you / I was the love of your life, mm / But you were not mine (But you were not mine).” Big yikes. 

In the second half of the song, the vibes completely change. Eilish wants her ex to know that she’s moved on with someone else. She tells another lover about her ex, singing, “Wanna know what I told her / With her hand on my shoulder? / You were so mediocre / And we’re so glad it’s over now / It’s over now / It’s over now/ It’s over now.” Looks like she believes breaking up was the right choice. As a matter of fact, she’s glad it’s over. 

Eilish ends the songs with, “Miss me / Say you miss me / It’s such a pity / We’re both so pretty.” 

The lyrics basically confirm this relationship was with a woman, but Eilish hasn’t revealed who the song is about yet. If the ongoing double album fan theory is correct, maybe she’ll spill the tea on this sooner rather than later. 

Zetta Whiting

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