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‘SATC’ Fans Are Roasting Carrie Bradshaw With This Iconic Meme Trend

Breaking news: Big is moving to Paris. OK fine, that technically happened 25 years ago. And yet, all I’ve been seeing on my X feed for the past week are endless memes referencing Carrie Bradshaw’s quandary from Sex and the City Season 2. The meme is a throwback to Carrie’s devastation surrounding her love interest, Mr. Big, who revealed he was moving to Paris and decidedly did not invite her to go with him. This led to the pair breaking up, sending Carrie into a frenzy. It was all a very big deal at the time, so Carrie obviously treated it as such when discussing it with her friends… and pretty much anyone else who would listen to her. 

Just like a lot of main characters on television, you either love them or hate them — there’s no in between. That is especially true of Ms. Carrie Bradshaw, who has always been seen as this inspiring New York socialite with a passion for fashion… as well as being a self-centered narcissist who is occasionally a very bad friend. Many fans of the show say that maturing is realizing Carrie is the villain of the show all along. (I’m not joking; there’s a whole website literally titled carriebradshawistheworst.com.)

That’s where this meme comes in. Sex and the City may have come out in way back 1998, but the series recently arrived on Netflix U.S. April 1, meaning many new eyes got to experience it — and Carrie’s antics — for the first time. Naturally, Carrie’s fixation on Big amid all her other friends’ issues became a topic of conversation, which in turn led to it being heavily memed, especially during a time when so many ~big~ events have been going on in the world. 

Here are some of the best “Big is moving to Paris” memes, for your enjoyment:

Sex and the City but with Pandas would honestly be so entertaining.

I lowkey think Carrie and Betty would be besties.

I wonder if the moon knows Big is moving to Paris.

What’s more important? An earthquake or Big moving to Paris?

Carrie definitely missed the eclipse.

I’m with Charlotte.

I need to know if Sarah Jessica Parker sees the memes going around.

The Sopranos will never be the same. 

Zendaya gets it. Zendaya always gets it.

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