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Take On Portia’s Fashion Sense (If You Dare) With These Outfit Dupes

Portia’s various Gen Z-inspired outfits in Season 2 of HBO’s hit series The White Lotus are… controversial, to say the least. 

Costume designer Alex Bovaird and the actress who plays Portia, Haley Lu Richardson, intentionally dressed Portia chaotically. According to a W Magazine article, Richardson said, “Portia is consumed by Tik Tok and ‘the discourse.’ So we thought it would make sense that she is trying and that she follows mishmash trends.” The divisiveness of her outfits even caused conversation within Vogue’s fashion news team.

The emphasis is on Portia’s feeling of being lost. She’s a twentysomething living in LA, doing a random job she hates. She wears a mix of different trends and has no true personal style. She longs to find her place within the world and is trying to figure it out. 

Many of her outfits pull from ’70s-inspired prints, but she’s also worn some ’90s chunky knit sweaters and baby tees. Though not always paired well, Portia’s wardrobe has a few stand-out pieces. Some of these dupes might be for you if you’re obsessed — or on the fence — about Portia’s outfits.

Swan Knitted Contrasting Vest

This Cider sweater vest ($20) is the perfect dupe to recreate Portia’s famous House Of Sunny Swan Lake Sleeveless Knitted Jumper.

Topshop Patched Mesh Long-Sleeve Top

Portia loves a good color block moment. This adorable ASOS mesh top ($43) is a great way to recreate her sporty but girly flair.

Nike Air Force 1 ’07

Since Portia’s character directly reflects Gen Z, she wears a popular shoe among Gen Z: Nike Air Force 1s ($100)!

Monochrome Zebra Print Mini Triangle Bikini Top

Portia’s zebra print bikini top was a personal favorite of mine. This Pretty Little Thing dupe ($25) is almost identical to the one Portia is wearing while talking to Jake in Episode 4.

Eva Arizona Birkenstock Sandals

The infamous white Birkenstock sandals — you either love them or hate them. Portia loves them, and these Birkenstocks ($50) are the perfect summer staple.

Shaun Pants Forest Green

Green has been a trendy color among Gen Z lately. Portia is drawn towards green and wears it frequently. These Princess Polly green pants ($39) are a great way to recreate her vacation style.

Multi Abstract Print Ring Detail Halterneck Jumpsuit

The ionic night on the town outfit Portia wears when she first goes out with Jack is the ‘70s inspired, just like this Pretty Little Thing jumpsuit ($11).

Retro Sunglasses

Portia loves rectangle sunnies, and you rarely see her without them throughout the season. Amazon sells a pack of rectangle sunglasses ($18) with various colors and prints.

Good Girlfriend Cutoff Denim Shorts

Everyone needs a pair of light-wash cutoff shorts as a vacation staple piece. Nordstrom’s denim shorts ($39) are super cute and look similar to Portia’s.

No matter if you love or hate Portia’s outfits, there’s no denying that her character sparks conversation around Gen Z fashion, and it’s something we can all learn from, even if it is recreating a look or two.

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