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Show Of Hands, Who Thought Barry Keoghan Was, Like, *Really* Hot In The “Please Please Please” Music Video?

Sabrina Carpenter and Barry Keoghan’s relationship is… unexpected, to say the least. The fact that one of pop music’s rising princesses even knows who he is blows my mind (no shade to Keoghan at all — I loved him in The Banshees of Inisherin). They haven’t exactly been hiding their relationship. They posed for pics together at the 2024 Met Gala, and Keoghan was spotted blushing and bopping his head to Carpenter’s Coachella set. But just in case you weren’t convinced that the pair are officially together, consider Keoghan’s appearance in Carpenter’s new music video their hard launch.

In the music video for her brand-new single “Please Please Please,” Keoghan stars alongside Carpenter as a pair of Bonnie and Clyde–esque criminals, with Keoghan’s character committing crimes and Carpenter’s character constantly bailing him out of jail. 

“Please Please Please” is about loving someone others think isn’t right for you and begging them not to embarrass you. With lyrics referencing an actor of a different culture, it’s pretty clear that Carpenter’s Irish actor boyfriend inspired the track.

Some of Carpenter’s fans are against the couple’s six-year age gap. There are multiple news reports of Keoghan being asked to leave bars and even getting arrested for misbehavior, which makes casting him as a criminal in the “Please Please Please” music video an even bolder, tongue-in-cheek move on Sab’s part. The message is loud and clear: she’s heard what people are saying about her relationship, and she doesn’t care.

Some fans are obsessing over how obsessed Keoghan is with Carpenter, AKA Miss Espresso herself.

Congratulations, Sabrina. You’ve convinced the internet that Barry Keoghan is hot!

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