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‘Bachelor Winter Games’ Couple Ashley Iaconetti & Kevin Wendt Have Split

When it debuted last month, Bachelor Winter Games seemed like it could produce just as many successful relationships as its spinoff sister Bachelor in Paradise. Four couples emerged from the show’s reunion special, including the engaged pair Clare Crawley and Benoit Beauséjour-Savard. Compared to some of the couples that are a result of The Bachelor (*cough* Arie and Lauren), all of these pairs came across as genuinely happy together in Winter Games‘ “World Tells All” special. Sadly, things have changed less than a month later. Bachelor Winter Games champions Ashley Iaconetti and Kevin Wendt have now split, PEOPLE reports. 

The news comes shortly after former Bachelorette Canada winner Kevin gave Ashley a 30th birthday shoutout on Instagram last week. The American franchise alum first appeared on Chris Soules’ 2015 season of The Bachelor, finishing in ninth place and later appearing on two seasons of Bachelor in Paradise. Known as “the crying girl” (or “the virgin,” TBH), Ashley has essentially shaped what it means to be a former Bachelor contestant in today’s social media era. Now running two podcasts, she also reigns from the first crop of contestants who became involved in post-show social media partnerships with certain companies. 


The way @kevin.c.wendt wants to take care of his lady’s heart is so beautiful.

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For Bachelor fans who relate to always being that girl who never gets the guy, Ashley has long been a patron saint of sorts. Ending up with Kevin on Bachelor Winter Games almost felt like a victory for those who find Ashley relatable. After all, the girl finally got the guy!

“When I saw him for the first time at the parade, I was like, ‘That means trouble. He’s hot. I’m probably going to cry, and it’s not going to work out,'” Ashley previously told PEOPLE. “I went into the Winter Games just with the intention of hanging out with my friends, so I had no idea that I’d meet somebody, too. I definitely was like, ‘Foreign guys!’ But Canada, sure.”

According to Entertainment Tonight, Ashley and Kevin’s split was amicable, but having a long-distance relationship contributed to their decision. “It was a little weird to have to figure out a long-term plan so soon,” a source said. “Ashley and Kevin were both really into each other, they just weren’t sure if it was a forever thing. And it’s hard to date long distance like that.”

ET reports that Ashley and Kevin will both address the split on an upcoming episode of one of her podcasts, The Ben and Ashley I. Almost Famous Podcast, which she runs with former Bachelor Ben Higgins. 

As of now, the other three Bachelor Winter Games couples are still together. 

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