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rachel sennott and ayo edebiri in bottoms
rachel sennott and ayo edebiri in bottoms
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Here’s What To Watch Ayo Edebiri & Rachel Sennott In Besides ‘Bottoms’

The girls that get it, get it. This summer has been jam-packed with some of my new favorite movies (yes, I will never recover from Barbenheimer) and as we’re nearing the end of the season, it’s finally time to talk about one of my favorite films of this year: Bottoms. Written and directed by Emma Seligman and starring Rachel Sennott and Ayo Edebiri, Bottoms follows two unpopular teenagers who come up with a plan to create a female-dominated fight club in order to impress the two cheerleaders they have crushes on. It’s bright, humorous, and guaranteed to make you play Charli XCX the entire ride home.

As someone who attended the Bottoms premiere at SXSW, I can confirm that Bottoms is a film you must have on your radar, for its relatability and humor towards the Gen Z audience. What also makes Bottoms stand out are its two leads. Sennott and Edebiri have become Gen Z favorites through these last couple years, namely on projects such as The Bear, Bodies Bodies Bodies, and more. Not only are they incredibly talented, they’re also the true underdogs in Bottoms. Now, if you’re unfamiliar with Edebiri and Sennott’s filmographies besides watching Bottoms, I’ve got you covered. 

Ayo and Rachel Are Single

I first discovered Sennott and Edebiri in 2020 with their Comedy Central stand-up sessions. The duo taps into their personal relationship stories, dating in New York, and hilarious roommate stories that stand out. I went down a rabbit hole and binged the three episodes of their mini-series, Ayo and Rachel Are Single, and found myself invested in their comedic timing. Ayo and Rachel Are Single follow Edebiri and Sennott as they navigate online dating, double dates, and a technique called timetabling. The series only has three episodes, but are all equally outlandish in the best way possible.

Ayo Edebiri

The Bear

By being a writer, actress, and comedian, Edebiri has been in some of this summer’s biggest films and tv shows. Edebiri is most known for her role as Sydney Adamu in The Bear, which follows a young award-winning chef (played by Jeremy Allen White) who takes on running his brother’s sandwich shop. The Bear chronicles the lives of the chefs at the restaurant, the intertwining of their lives, and mental health in the cuisine industry. The Bear has become a phenomenon in itself, and Edebiri secured her first Emmy nomination for her role in the series.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem 

Not only has it been an incredible summer for Edebiri in television, she has also played roles in two of the biggest summer movie releases. Edebiri voiced April O’Neil in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem. TMNT: Mutant Mayhem follows everyone’s favorite ninja turtles as they begin to find themselves exploring New York’s crime scene, only to reveal a large group of mutants who are out to get them. TMNT: Mutant Mayhem is oozing (no pun intended) with fast-paced animation, colors, and a top-tier voice cast that plays into the absurdities of New York City.

Theater Camp

And if you’re looking for another film to watch in theaters and laugh at, Edebiri also plays a part in the large ensemble of Theater Camp, written and directed by Molly Gordon and Nick Lieberman. Theater Camp is a mockumentary set at a New York musical theater camp, where the crew are forced to come together to save their beloved camp after the owner falls into a coma. Edebiri plays Janet, one of the counselors at the camp who tries to help the campers learn more about theater and acting. Edebiri is effortless in one liners  in Theater Camp, and especially stands out in her scenes with the fellow campers. 

Rachel Sennott

Shiva Baby

Sennott has become an indie film darling throughout these last few years, and it started because of Shiva Baby. Shiva Baby, the directorial debut of Seligman (who also directed Bottoms), follows a young college senior who finds herself trapped at a funeral service with her ex-girlfriend and sugar daddy. The film is fast-paced, anxiety-inducing, and shows Seligman and Sennott’s capabilities as a duo. Even though Shiva Baby may cause you to get stressed for the main character, Danielle, Sennott makes us root for the character in the midst of all the chaos.

Bodies Bodies Bodies

In 2022, Sennott starred as some of the leads in A24’s slasher comedy Bodies Bodies Bodies. Written and directed by Halina Reijin, with a story by Kristen Roupenian, Bodies Bodies Bodies takes place during a hurricane party where a group of friends finds themselves trapped amongst a killer taking them out one by one. Sennott plays Alice, a wealthy young woman who owns a podcast and is the ultimate comedic highlight of the film.  Alice is chaotic, witty, and is guaranteed to make you laugh during one of Sennott’s monologues, and had the viral line, “Your parents… are upper… middle… class,” stuck in my head for weeks after I watched the film. 

The Idol

Most recently, Sennott could also be seen on HBO’s The Idol over the summer. Sennott plays Leia, the assistant and best friend to Jocelyn, played by Lily-Rose Depp. Sennott’s role in The Idol is different from her past roles, as Leia is level-headed and the voice of reason who believes that Tedros is bad for Jocelyn’s career. Leia and Jocelyn’s friendship helps carry the show, and it’s helped by Sennott’s ability to root for Leia in the midst of all the chaos that The Idol offers.

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