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jeremy allen white
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Jeremy Allen White’s Relationship Status, For All You Thirsty ‘The Bear’ Fans

I’m currently finishing up my June television watchlist (I know, I’m far behind), and one show in particular that caught my interest is Hulu’s The Bear, and notably the actor who portrays Carmen, Jeremy Allen White. If the name Jeremy Allen White seems familiar, it’s because he played the character Lip in the Shameless series when he was younger. And since then, he’s garnered a lot of curiosity from fans who are all wondering what his relationship and dating history is, and whether he has a girlfriend right now.

If you’re not familiar with The Bear, it follows a young chef (Carmen, aka Carmy) as he helps take over his family’s sandwich store when his brother dies. Taking over the shop becomes more difficult than Carmy anticipates, as tensions rise between him and his workers throughout the episode. The show demonstrates a blend of humor and thrills along with the drama. 

White has always been in the spotlight as a sort of heartthrob since his time on Shameless, and this is especially true in The Bear as his character is passionate and occasionally intense. It really made me wonder whether the actor was off the market, so I did an in-depth dive into his dating history and current relationship status. You can thank me later!

What is Jeremy Allen White’s relationship status?

White is currently single as of right now! He hasn’t received much dating news coverage, but with his longest and most notable relationship ending in divorce earlier this year, it’s safe to say that White is currently focusing on himself and his children.

White’s first public relationship was with former co-star Emma Greenwell.

The 32-year-old actor is not romantically associated with many partners, but before his long-term serious relationship, he was romantically linked to actress Emma Greenwell. They met on the set of Shameless back in 2011 when they played the on-screen pair Mandy and Lip. However, in the show, Greenwell’s character, Mandy, and White’s character, Lip, eventually break up when he moves to university, and the two would also break up off-screen sometime around 2014 as their frequent social media posts and guest appearances together slowed and eventually stopped completely.

The two kept a somewhat discreet dating profile, so it’s unclear how and why they decided to call it quits, but their last social media post together was a selfie shared by Greenwell in March 2014. However, it appears that the couple ended their relationship amicably, since they continue to follow one another on Instagram to this day.

Allen’s second public relationship was with Addison Timlin, a childhood friend. 

It is unclear when White and his next serious relationship with Addison Timlin began, but according to Popsugar, the two met in 2004 while they were freshmen in high school and attended the same performing arts school in New York. The two never dated at the time, but instead became best friends until Timlin switched schools, culminating in a dispute and the two falling out.

The stars appear to have aligned for the two to reunite in due time, as the two would co-star in the film Afterschool in 2008 when they were both 17. “The universe never really let us separate,” Timlin said of their Afterschool audition during a Showmance interview.

Romance bloomed between White and Timlin in 2016. 

The two stayed pretty quiet while also hinting at their relationship, only sharing occasional couple images together from 2016 until they announced they were expecting their first child together on July 27, 2018. Timlin announced her pregnancy on Instagram with a selfie of the two while White holds her tummy. “We made a baby, and my heart is bursting at the seams,” the caption read. “Today is my birthday but my wish has already come true. This is 27 and the best is yet to come.” In October of that year, the couple brought a daughter called Ezer Billie White into the world.

White and Timlin were engaged by April 2019. In October, the couple married at the Beverly Hills Courthouse in front of just close friends and family. Instead of a typical wedding gown and tux, the two wore the sweetest matching denim jackets embroidered with the words “Till Death,” as well as their pet names for one other with a heart and an arrow through them. 

Later, on Dec. 12, 2020, the couple welcomed their second daughter, Dolores Wild White, into the world.

From 2020 to the beginning of 2023, the two were still on good terms, especially since White highlighted and praised Timlin during his 2023 Golden Globes acceptance speech for Best TV Actor in a Musical/Comedy Series for The Bear. Timlin was also there during the ceremony, as he included her and their children together near the conclusion of his mentions. “Addison Timlin,” he said, “I love you deep in my bones. Thank you for all you do. Thank you for everything you do.”

White and Timlin filed for divorce in May 2023.

With his love-filled speech at the Golden Globes, the abrupt announcement of the couple’s split and ultimate divorce was all the more shocking and devastating. Timlin was the one who filed for divorce at the beginning of May, according to court documents obtained by Popsugar.

 To add fuel to the fire, Timlin defined herself as a “single mother” in a Mother’s Day post, stating in the post,“Being a single mom is not how I pictured it. It is so [f*cking] hard. It is all out covered in sh*t crying on the floor kick you in the shins screaming with no sound coming out hard. Its not the natural order of things. It can be exhausting but more than anything it can just be so lonely. when something magical happens and you have to tell yourself “don’t forget this” because theres no witness by your side.” 

Timlin eventually updated the caption to refer to co-parenting. A source close to White said in a Page Six article that the actor was “blindsided” by her unexpected suggestion of being a single mother because it implied that White might not be a prominent figure in their children’s lives. According to the source, “Jeremy had no control about where he was filming. He filmed The Bear in Chicago and any time he could, he came home. He is so involved in those girls’ lives, he adores his daughters.”

While the two did not have a happy ending, we can only hope that they parted on good terms. Only time will tell if White will ever return to the dating pool!

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