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Ash Perez Is Joining The Try Guys & The Internet Is Losing It (In A Good Way)

It’s a big day for people who were chronically online in the 2010s. ICYMI, the Try Guys dropped a massive announcement that included the departure of a key member (wait, why did Eugene leave the Try Guys again?), but also the release of a whole new roster of talent for their streaming platform, 2nd Try. The announcement included a ton of familiar faces, including Ash Perez — a popular creator who has fans absolutely losing it. Honestly, Ash Perez joining the Try Guys was the best announcement I’ve heard all year.

If you’re unfamiliar with Ash Perez, allow me to fill you in. Ash is a content creator who rose to popularity thanks to their involvement with Buzzfeed. On the platform, he regularly collaborated with other stars like Quinta Brunson, Safiya Nygaard, the Try Guys, and more. The internet’s favorite “badass hunky dude” has amassed over a million followers across social media platforms, and is an outspoken advocate for queer and AANHPI rights.

In October 2023, Ash took to Instagram to come out as a transgender man. “My pronouns are he/they,” Ash shared in his caption. “I’m still going by Ashly, but I wanted to share with y’all that I started HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and I’ve officially been on T (testosterone) for a month!!! Yay!”

Now, fast-forward to May 22, 2024: The Try Guys dropped a video announcing their new streaming platform, 2nd Try. Additionally, in the video, they also released a whole new roster of talent which includes fan-favorites like Miles Bonsignore, YB Chang, Kwesie James, and more. And, at the 4:26 minute mark, Ash made a cameo saying, “I heard you needed a new guy,” before winking at the camera. Oh, we love to see it.

After the video was released, fans of the channel (as well as old Buzzfeed stans) flooded social media to voice their excitement for the new era. Additionally, many fans were feeling nostalgic seeing Ash on their screens again — myself included.

As a 2010s internet culture stan — and a supporter of, like, every Filipino person ever — I’m so hyped to see Ash on YouTube again. This new YouTube era is about to be so good, y’all.

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