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Cue The Tears: Eugene Is Leaving The Try Guys… Kind Of

If you were big into the internet during the 2010s, then you’re probably a Try Guys fan — or, at least, you’ve heard of them. Originally comprised of Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfeld, Eugene Lee Yang, and Ned Fulmer (oof, LMAO), the Try Guys were a major staple in internet culture. But as the times change, channels have to evolve — and the Try Guys’ announcement of their streaming platform, 2nd Try, is proof of that… even if it means they have to lose another member, Eugene, in the process. But, wait… why is Eugene leaving the Try Guys?

On May 22, the Try Guys posted a video titled “our next big try” to their YouTube channel. In the video, Keith and Zach talked about how their channel needs to evolve with their continual growth on social media, as well as YouTube’s shifting algorithm and demonetization policies. With that, the two announced a new streaming service, 2nd Try, that will include exclusive content for a subscription fee. But fear not! All of the content fans love will still live on the Try Guys’ YouTube channel; it’s just that bonus, and uncensored, content will appear on their streaming service first, before it then heads to YouTube.

While fans are obviously happy about the company’s growth, they were quick to notice that a key fixture was missing from the video: Eugene. Now, Try Guys fans have known for a while that Eugene has been taking some time away from the Try Guys to focus on other projects — but with such a huge announcement on the channel, viewers couldn’t help but feel confused as to why he wasn’t present throughout the video.

Is Eugene Still a part of the Try Guys?

Around the 4:35 mark, Keith and Zach addressed the absence of Eugene in the video. “As part of this, it’s also time we do a proper celebration and sendoff of sorts to the format that got us here,” Zach said as he and Keith stood in front of a memorial that reads, “Eugene Video Coming Thursday.” Zach then went on to say that there will be an explainer video from Eugene coming on Thursday, May 23 — right before Eugene made a brief but funny cameo alongside them.

While fans will definitely find out more about Eugene’s departure in the upcoming video, the fact that he’s prepping to leave the Try Guys is nothing new to the fandom. In 2023, the Try Guys confirmed Eugene would be taking a step back to work on other projects, though he appeared in videos with Zach and Keith from time to time. Plus, Zach and Keith spoke a bit more to Rolling Stone on May 22 about Eugene’s future with 2nd Try.

What did Zach and Keith say to Rolling Stone about Eugene leaving the Try Guys?

In an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone, Zach and Keith confirmed that this season of the Try Guys will be their last featuring Eugene. “Part of this is bittersweet. We’re gonna miss working with Eugene. He has been one of the true collaborators of both of our lives. But we’ve had a long time to process this,” Zach said to Rolling Stone. “So we’re very excited for him, very excited for us, and just feeling very energized by this whole moment.” 

So, if you’re wondering about any drama as to why Eugene is leaving the Try Guys… there is none! Confirmed by Zach, Keith, and Eugene, the OG member is just focused on other creative endeavors away from 2nd Try and the Try Guys. No bad blood here, just vibes. Honestly, I couldn’t be more excited for all of their second chapters — or should I say, second tries?

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