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TikTok Is Convinced Ariel & Ned Fulmer Are Still Together

It’s been quite the week on the internet. And while some people are debating the legitimacy of Kim Kardashian’s alleged CGI tear, my mind has been on the Ned Fulmer cheating scandal. Between the internet commentary and social media updates, I can’t seem to escape Ned Fulmer-gate. Following the confirmation of the affair, I have more questions than ever: Are Ned and Ariel Fulmer still together? Who will be the next Try Guy? Where do we go from here?!

If you haven’t been keeping up on these trying times (see what I did there?), here’s the scoop: Ned Fulmer — a popular internet creator and member of the famously wholesome group, The Try Guys — was caught cheating on his wife of 10 years, Ariel Fulmer. What happened next was an absolute whirlwind: the internet went absolutely crazy, Deuxmoi was filling to the brim with tea, and The Try Guys released a statement saying that Fulmer was no longer a member and that he would be leaving the company he helped create.

In the midst of the internet craziness, both Ned and Ariel Fulmer released statements on their Instagram about the affair. Many TikTok users and internet sleuths noticed that not only did Ariel turn off the comments on her most recent posts, but she also removed “wife” from her Instagram bio following the confirmation of the affair.

However, on Sept. 28, the paparazzi account UnCrazed captured Ned and Ariel on a walk in their Los Angeles neighborhood. In the video, the two look relaxed and even share a smile at one point. When asked if they are “working things out,” Ariel replied, “we are working on working things out” before getting into the car and driving away with Ned.

This video sparked commentary on both TikTok and Twitter, with users debating on whether the couple was still together following the cheating scandal.

While Ariel and Ned haven’t outwardly confirmed (or denied) their marital status at this point, it’s important to respect their decisions and their privacy during this time. Until I get more clarity on this entire situation, you can catch me obsessing over the aesthetic of Emma Chamberlain’s house and getting ready for spooky szn. #Unbothered.

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