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Are My Friends Making Me Fat?

I want to become healthier (be able to run, feel good in a bikini) but it’s hard to get there. When I eat less my friends get worried and when I exercise more my housemates make comments that make me feel guilty about exercising. Should I ignore them? How do I balance their feelings and mine.

I can totally relate to this situation. In college, all my roommates had it in for each other for wanting to lose weight and exercising. Comments were thrown left and right, some valid, some not valid, some girls actually cared while other girls were just jealous because they wished they had the determination to lose weight. The real question here is how do we define being “healthy?” We live in a society where healthy is defined as starving yourself to death and exercising for hours.  

Unfortunately societies view of being healthy can lead you down a road of misery. In reality, being healthy is all about finding that balance: a diet of no less than 1200 calories, with balanced protein, carbohydrates, and fats, followed by 30-60 minutes of exercise a day.  

As far as your roommates go, I suggest that you sit back and evaluate if your roommates have a valid stance on their remarks. If they don’t than you need to sit down with them and share your health goals with them and why you are doing it. Communication is key to any and all relationships! Ensure them that you are eating a balanced diet and exercising for your own health. In fact, bring them into your goals and ask them if they want to join you in your journey to live a healthy life, which might help cut out the comments. But by any means, do not compromise your health for the sake of others judgments and false assumptions!!!! 

A great way to help me stay on track with being healthy is Sparkpeople.com. This is a great website that will set you up with a nutrition and exercise plan to help you meet your specific weight loss and exercise goals. 

Ruth Rogers’ passion for fitness and health started at an early age being involved in several sports such as gymnastics and springboard diving. She holds a degree in Kinesiology, with an emphasis in Exercise and Nutrition. Currently she is going back to school for yet another degree in Nursing to help improve the lives of those around her. Residing in Phoenix, AZ she strives to find a balance between being a wife, student, and nurse extern in 2 of the local hospitals. Utilizing her skills and knowledge in the field of exercise and nutrition, she has created a website called “She-Fit” which strives to help women live a healthy lifestyle, allowing women of all ages to not only look their best but to live out their dreams and feel good about themselves. She serves as a personal nutrition and exercise coach, consulting women to define and address their health needs. She-Fit can be found at http://she-fit.com.