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Eugene Is Leaving The Try Guys, But His Partner Is Here To Stay

As an OG Buzzfeed fan, I was pretty bummed to hear that Eugene is officially leaving the Try Guys. The internet is still in shock after the Try Guys team announced their new brand called 2nd Try on May 22. And then somehow everyone was even more shocked on May 23, when Eugene sat down to share his official announcement about leaving on his personal Instagram (someone, please, pass me some tissues). And while I was saying “goodbye” to one of my favorite Try Guys, I found myself wondering about Eugene’s partner: Seriously, are Eugene Lee Yang and Matt McLean still together?

If you’re new to the party, allow me to catch you up. And yes! Eugene Lee Yang has a partner, and his name is Matt McLean. The pair have publicly been together since 2019, but have actually been together since 2012. According to Matt on the You Can Sit With Us podcast, the couple met at the gym. (What a meet-cute!) They have been living together since 2014 and are dog dads to Emma, Pesto, and Kimbop. 

Matt has less of a social presence than Yang but is still featured often by the Try Wives, including guest appearances on their podcast, as well as several Try Guys videos. TBH, it must be so nice for Eugene to have a partner with less of a social presence to add some balance to his life. 

However, given the fact that these two are so private, fans often speculate if Eugene and Matt are still together. And, since Eugene is starting his new chapter, fans are also wondering if his future endeavors include Matt as well.

Who is Eugene Lee Yang’s Partner, Matt McLean?

Unlike Eugene, Matt isn’t much of a digital creator. According to his LinkedIn, he works as a manager at a financial firm in Los Angeles. Opposites attract, I guess — especially in terms of career!

Matt also received his M.B.A. from the University of Southern California. Coincidentally, this is Eugene’s alma mater as well!

Don’t worry! Matt and Eugene are still together. 

It’s safe to say the pair is still together based on a few things. First, they are still following each other. And though Matt is much less of a social media guy, he only follows 116 people, including Eugene. Additionally, Matt reposted Eugene’s goodbye video on his story and added a GIF of a cat blowing a kiss (which, TBH, is couple of goals to me).

A quick scroll through Matt’s socials shows how much their relationship matters to him, with Eugene in a ton of posts. Plus, he has a post with Keith’s wife, Becky, and Zach’s wife, Maggie. Everyone knows the first thing you do in a breakup is delete the pics together, or at least archive them!

I’ll be keeping a close eye on Matt’s Instagram story to see all of his support for Yang’s new adventures. What can I say? I love these two together!

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