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5 Things We Learned From Trump’s Dr. Oz Interview

In an episode of Dr. Oz that aired on Thursday, Donald Trump was interviewed for an hour about his health and his recent physical exam results. This comes soon after Hillary Clinton announced she had been diagnosed with pneumonia, which kept her from campaigning for a few days, leading to questions about both candidates’ health. The show went through Trump’s major body systems, including his risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular disease, his bladder and prostate health, and a review of his head and neck, along with other questions about some of his other stances on healthcare. If you thought (like us) Trump’s neck is in rough condition, considering how big his head is, you would be wrong! According to the candidate himself, he’s had “no problem” with his head and neck.

Some of the biggest takeaways from this conversation?

1. Trump considers giving speeches to huge groups of people “exercise.”

When asked how he stays healthy on the campaign trail, Trump answered with this: “When I’m speaking in front of 15 and 20,000 people and I’m up there using a lot of motion, I guess in it’s own way, it’s a pretty healthy act. I really enjoy doing it. A lot of times these rooms are very hot, like saunas, and I guess that is a form of exercise and, you know?” If only we could all give speeches to packed, overheated arenas instead of going to spin class!

2. We’re not totally sure how much Trump weighs.

He’s 6’3″ and weighs either 236 or 267 pounds—audience members heard the figure differently. If he’s 267 pounds, Trump would be considered obese, but at 236 he would just be overweight. He said he’d like “to be able to drop 15, 20 pounds.”

3. Trump thinks women should be able to get birth control without a prescription.

“It should not be done by prescription. You have women that just aren’t in a position to go get a prescription,” he said. “And more and more people are coming out and saying that, but I am not in favor of prescription for birth control.” This is actually a pretty great stance. But when Republicans tried last year to pass a bill making birth control accessible over the counter, Democrats countered by saying the bill would make contraceptives too expensive—So maybe Trump is just making a good business decision.

4. Undocumented people needing medical treatment wouldn’t be a problem in Trump’s America.

That’s because he’ll be deporting all of them, so there won’t be any undocumented immigrants to get sick. “Well, under my plan the undocumented or as you would say illegal immigrant wouldn’t be in the country,” Trump told Dr. Oz. “They only come in the country legally.”

5. He wants Hillary Clinton to feel better.

Dr. Oz told Trump he couldn’t talk about Clinton during the interview, to which he replied, “We want her to get well, so I think that’s fine.” So nice!

Head over to The Washington Post for the full transcript of the conversation between Trump and Dr. Oz.

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