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5 Signs Jordan is Already the Frontrunner on ‘The Bachelorette’

As you may or may not know (hopefully you know) The Bachelorette premiered Monday night for its 12th season and so far, it looks like its gonna be crazy. There was a Santa costume, a kilt, a unicorn, and lots and lots of booze. Throughout the craziness and first impressions of the 25 incredibly hunky men, there was one man who particularly stood out to everyone, including JoJo: Jordan Rogers. Besides the fact that literally anyone in their right mind would want to date Jordan, I mean did you see his hair?! Well, here are a few other signs that he is the obvious frontrunner on the show thus far: 

1. He got the most introductory time, by far. 

Not to be technical or anything but ABC sure does know how to spoil a season. Seriously, they let him pass the ball how many times before they moved on to another guy? Some of the guys didn’t even get introductions. That’s how you know he’s going to be important. He talked about his family, his brother especially, who later in the season is gonna be the topic of some hate as they previewed at the end of the episode, and how he is just so ready for love. (With JoJo.)

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2. First one out of the limo 

He’s the first guy we see, which means that obviously, we’re being set up to compare just about every other guy to him. But after that smile, can anybody rally top him? JoJo might as well call off the season at this point.

3. That kiss tho!! 

I mean come on, does this really need an explanation for why he is an obvious front runner? Just look at this kiss. 

4. He got the First Impression Rose


I’d say night one is headed in the right direction… #bachelorette #firstkiss

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After that kiss really no one was surprised that Jordan got the First Impression Rose. From the moment he stepped out of the limo, we all knew. Same way we knew that Shawn B was going to go far during Kaitlyn’s season—need we remind you he also got the First Impression Rose?


Besides all of the other signs that make them seem like they are already in love, they are already the cutest couple in the world. And she verifies it too! She says, “He’s confident and sexy, he’s helping my nerves go away, it feels so good to be sitting here with him right now.” From the moment they met, it already seemed like they had been dating for years and were ~totally in love~ by the end of the episode. I mean, just look at them! 

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