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15 Times “Lemonade” Made You Want to Get Broken Up With

As Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” album quenched the thirst of BeyHive members everywhere, it also continues to sweep up national conversation and disrupt the PC discourse of relationship hardships and what it means to be a black woman. This album has been praised for being able to appeal to women’s emotions during and after a betrayal and the emotional rollercoaster leading to a breakup with your SO. But for those who identify as single, Beyoncé made us want to find our own disastrous SO, have a breakup, then a breakdown, like she chronicles in her visual album, so that we too can come out on the other side and make our own lemonade (and insert our fantasy ex’s face into the all the recent Jay-Z memes)!

1. When she smashes the “hot sauce” bat everywhere and into everything!

2. When she is not “Sorry” for being emotional

3. She’s okay with looking jealous or crazy

4. …And if need be, alone.

5. Saying “Boy Bye” and not looking back

6. When she throws her wedding ring with defiance

7. Being able to find yourself after that breakup

8. When you remind your ex that they were not with just any average person.

9. Declaring that you are your own woman.

10. Recognizing that you are one of the women who will break your own chains free.

11. The display of solidarity and strength in sisterhood.

12. But Queen Bey also shows the power in forgiveness.

13. If you and your SO are able to get back on track, you are even stronger.

14. And even if you don’t, you are just as strong.

15. Knowing that no matter what, you will slay.

Because Beyoncé told you to do so.

Keana Bloomfield

Bryn Mawr '18

Keana is a News Blogger/Viral Content Writer for Her Campus, as well as a two-year High School Ambassador Advisor.  With HC since her freshman year, she often winds down by singing, reading, watching TV, admiring Beyoncé and eating, whilst also regretting not taking advantage of the precious nap times one is afforded in pre-school. 
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