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15 Signs You’re the Chrissy Teigen of Your Friend Group

Love her or hate her (it better be love though because she’s awesome), everybody knows Chrissy Teigen. She’s a smart-mouthed, passionate, always hungry and sometimes crazy girl, and there’s one in every friend group. Here are the signs that one could be you.

1. You constantly Snapchat pictures of whatever you’re cooking

2. You’re savage AF on Twitter

3. You’re the friend who doesn’t give a flying fuck what people think

4. You’re lowkey obsessed with food

5. Your unique personality may be misunderstood

6. You live for drama

7. You Snapchat literally everything you and your friends are doing

8. You eat constantly but still somehow look like a model

9. You and your SO are #relationshipgoals

10. You take fashion risks and get your friends to try new trends

11. You always post pictures of your baby/niece/dog/cat/other living creature you’re obsessed with

12. You love trolling people 

13. You’ve got a body, and you ain’t afraid to werk it

14. You really hate Donald Trump and make sure everyone knows it


Happy birthday, you monumental asshole

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15. You’re passionate for the causes you care about and know that fighting for what’s right is more important than what the haters think 

Sarah is a senior at Indiana University majoring in Marketing and International Business and minoring in French. You can usually find her drinking coffee, writing posts for her role as a Beauty Blogger for Her Campus, or eating croissants and daydreaming about France. To learn about Sarah and see some more of her favorite things, follow her on Instagram (@sarahcmcdaniel) or check out her travel blog: www.thewanderingceliacblog.com !
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