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What It’s Like to be a Summer Intern

You got a summer internship!

And you’re really excited about it!

Like, really, really excited…

And everyone else is really happy for you, too.

Well, except your friends who are still unemployed for the summer. 

Finally, you’re on your way to becoming an adult.

Not to mention, this will really look good on your resume.

Maybe it’s even paid!

…but probably not.

You spend days planning your first day outfit.

And when the big day finally arrives, you’re ready to make an entrance.

You make sure you’re as friendly as possible to everyone you meet…

…maybe even a little too friendly.

You try to remember everyone’s names,

and you take on every task you’re given with enthusiasm,

even though you’re just fetching coffee orders…

and answering the phone. 

You love this job!

But it’s a little bit harder to get up on your second day.

That 6 a.m. alarm doesn’t fill you with the kind of anticipation it did yesterday.

And the commute isn’t as exciting anymore. 

Your cubicle feels kind of lonely now,

and you’re not quite sure what to do with yourself,

which leads to boredom.

Coffee-fetching and phone answering aren’t so fun. 

You really don’t even have a clue what you’re doing here anymore. 

And you keep on telling yourself…

…even though you feel like….

Maybe the working world isn’t as fun as you thought it would be.

But as you get into the week, it gets better.

You remember: you are a working woman now!

And all this experience will help you out some day in the future!

So, you embrace each day as a new opportunity to learn something new.

And remember that, if you weren’t working, you’d probably be doing this instead…


Corinne Sullivan is an editorial intern at Her Campus. She is in her senior year at Boston College, majoring in English with a Creative Writing Concentration. On campus, she cheers at football and basketball games as part of the Boston College Pom Squad and performs as a member of the Dance Organization of Boston College. She also teaches spin classes at the campus gym and contributes to the BC branch of Her Campus. Corinne loves the beach, all things chocolate, and is unashamed of her love for Young Adult Fiction. You can follow her on Twitter at @cesullivan14. 
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