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The Highest Rated Companies That Are Hiring Interns

It’s that time of year again when students are on the hunt for summer jobs and internships. Some of you may have already started this process and some of you might just being wondering where to even begin. It can be a pretty daunting task. There are opportunities all across the country and even abroad. But who offers the best internships, with hands-on learning, mentoring, and tasks that involve more than just getting coffee? The people at Glassdoor have made your life a bit easier by compiling a list of the highest rated companies that are hiring interns right now. Yes, right now! That means you still have time to grab that dream internship.

For a second year running, Google has occupied the top spot as the highest rated company at which to intern. The interns themselves rated their experience and their interview process, and now perspective employees can see how companies measure up. Google received a rating of 4.6 overall, which is even higher than their 4.3 rating last year. Not only does this “tech giant” provide us with answers to any of our questions, but it keeps employees happy while they do it! Want some proof, other than just numbers?

“Google treats interns even better than full time employees. All of the employees all the way up to VP personally spend time with you and take your opinion.” –Google Platforms Project Manager Intern (Mountain View, CA)

Doesn’t seem too shabby! But maybe software engineering isn’t quite up your alley. You can find the next highest rated internship with Procter & Gamble, QUALCOMM, or Microsoft, all with ratings of 4.2. And if you’re looking for something a little less technical, check out MTV Networks, who rounded up a 4.1 rating along with State Farm. Check out the full report to see what interns had to say about other companies.

There are many ways that you can begin looking for a job or internship. Do your research on companies to find out when they start accepting applications and looking for new emplpyees. And on that note…make sure you have a standout resume! This is the first glimpse of who you are that future employees see. If a cover letter is required, this is also the perfect opportunity to really sell yourself.

So what happens when you finally get to an interview, and what does it take to land a spot at a top-rated company? Try answering a few of these questions, which came from actual interviews that prospective interns had:

“Who is your hero and why?” – Google Intern Candidate (location n/a)

“How many meals were eaten during the Olympics?” – JPMorgan Chase Summer Intern Candidate (location n/a)

“How many new cars, on average, are bought in the US each year?” – Microsoft Summer Intern Candidate (Seattle, WA)

If those questions sound tough, it’s because they are meant to be just that. In order to run with the big dogs, you need to have a stellar interview, proving your wit and your ability to think outside the box. But it’s 100 percent worth all the hard work. Need more convincing?

“Each intern is assigned one mentor and one manager so you get a lot of attention. There are team outings, quizzes and the workplace itself is full of energy. Innovative thinking is encouraged and the work load is well balanced.” –QUALCOMM Interim Engineering Intern (Bangalore, India)

So as you begin the internship hunt, or even if you have already started, use these results to help you keep a few things in mind. You want a place that will challenge you, help you learn, and improve your skills in your chosen your field. You want to be in an encouraging environment, where the employees love their job and where your co-workers actually want to teach you something. And ultimately, you want to find an internship that will make you happy and will make you excited to go to work each day. Now, the only thing left to do is to go out and find that dream job for this summer. Good luck collegiettes!




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