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The Highest-Paying Jobs For Men

In February, we gave you the rundown of the highest paid careers for women today and we thought it was only fair to do the same for men.  These top jobs attract the brainiest boys of the bunch, so it doesn’t hurt to know where to look in terms of finding boyfriend material.  Whether you want to use this information to scope out the dating scene (American Airlines, anyone?) or you want to one day dominate in any of these fields, there’s no question about it: these jobs make bank.  At any rate, you can always pass along this article to your boyfriend or best guy friend to nudge them in the right direction. 
#10: Natural Sciences Manager

Highest salary:$97,560
Training time:6 years
Natural science managers have to be on top of their game.  Not only are these people responsible for understanding those super complicated math problems (just thinking about high school algebra makes me cringe), but they also must translate those concepts to consumers (i.e., you and me).   As managers, these bosses help different kinds of scientists—geologists, chemists, and biologists—to meet their deadlines and complete projects.
Are you…

  • Good at setting goals?
  • Able to translate technical terms to nontechnical terms?
  • Capable of overseeing an entire project or group of employees?

How you can prepare now:

  • Take a business class
  • Practice good management skills by taking a leadership position such as captain of a sports team or president of a club
  • Participate in advanced math and science classes

#9: Marketing Manager

Highest Salary:$100,020
Training time:4 to 6 years
Like natural science managers, marketing managers are expected to be a jack-of-all-trades as well.  Similar to a CEO, marketing managers have to dip into all different kind of industries while juggling numerous responsibilities simultaneously.  From public relations to brand development, these managers use market research to figure out how to appeal to the right audience. 
Are you…

  • Great at brainstorming new ideas?
  • Planning campaigns?
  • Ready to put your company’s goals ahead of your personal creativity?

How you can prepare now:

  • Take a psychology course.  This will help you to not only understand clients better, but it will be helpful in grabbing the attention of your audience. 
  • Create a publicity campaign for a school event. 
  • Soak up as many computer skills as you can.

#8: Computer and Information Systems Managers

Highest salary:$100,110
Training time:4 to 8 years
When you’re on ebay.com bidding for the best bargains on Marc Jacobs bags, you’re probably not thinking about the brains behind the website. Computer and information systems managers answer questions such as: is having the most recent technology worth paying top dollar for? What is the best way to market products on the web? Not only do these professionals understand how computers work, but they also collaborate with top managers to make important business decisions.
Are you…

  • A clear communicator?
  • A tech junkie?
  • Innovative?
  • Great at troubleshooting problems?

How you can prepare now:

  • If you haven’t taken a calculus class yet, take at least one before graduating.
  • Register for a business class. 
  • Take a foreign language, as some of your potential clients may not speak English.
  • Become a tutor at your school’s computer lab, which will give you practice teaching your peers the ins and outs of computers.

#7: Air Traffic Controller

Highest salary:$100,430
Training time:9 years
While being a pilot and flying a charter jet to Palm Beach sure sounds glamorous, we have to acknowledge the brains behind the operation.  Air traffic controllers help to coordinate the air traffic in the sky so that plans maintain a safe distance between each other in addition to working to minimize air traffic delays.  Generally, air traffic controllers work together in a team, helping planes take off and land safely, communicating with pilots and watching for weather patterns.
Are you…

  • Good at making quick decisions?
  • Great at multitasking?
  • Able to work successfully as a team?
  • Able to digest large amounts of information quickly?

How you can prepare now:

  • Become a master at the computer and familiarize yourself with its programs.
  • Beef up your communication skills and build upon your speaking skills as well.
  • Take as many math classes as possible as understanding distance and measurements are crucial for this kind of job.

#6: Lawyer

Highest salary:$110,590
Training time:7 years
Never underestimate the power of persuasion. If you were that girl who could convince your little brother that the holes in Swiss cheese were from mice, you might just have a career in law. Though lawyers probably wish their jobs were as easy as debating cheese, in reality, lawyers invest years of hard work so that they can defend their clients in court, write clearly about complex issues, and dissect cases, laws and contracts.
Are you…

  • Analytical?
  • A pro at arguing?
  • Confident?
  • Passionate about what you believe in?

How you can prepare now:

  • Read the daily news to stay updated on current events and issues affecting society.
  • Join the debate team or sign up for speech classes.
  • Volunteer or intern at a law firm.

#5: Dentist

Highest salary:$132,660
Training time:8 years
Unlike those beautiful baby blues that Mom and Dad gave you, you can’t give your parents credit for your pearly whites.  In between filling in cavities to repairing chipped teeth, dentists must deal with people just as well as they work on their teeth. From orthodontics to pediatrics, the field of dentistry offers plenty of options for those interested in making people’s smiles a little brighter.
Are you…

  • Confident?
  • Trustworthy?
  • A clear communicator?

How you can prepare now:

  • Take as many math and science classes as you can.
  • Pick up a foreign language as your patients may not speak English or it may not be their first language.
  • Volunteer at a dental clinic.

#4: Airline Pilot

Highest salary:$134,090
Training time:5 to 10 years
Picture this: you’re flying 37,000 feet in the air with nothing but clear skies surrounding you.  We have to admit, being an airline pilot is a pretty cool gig.  Not only can pilots fly the commercial airliners (Milan, anyone?), but they also have license to fly helicopters, test aircrafts and oversee air traffic.  But being a pilot just isn’t about flying to awesome places–you’re responsible for the lives of hundreds of people, which is why flying a plane demands exceptionally well-trained professionals. 
Are you…

  • Detail-oriented?
  • Composed under pressure?
  • Extremely conscientious? 

How you can prepare now:

  • Like an air traffic controller, understanding distance and measurements are key, so sign up for as many math classes as possible.
  • Work on your speaking skills as pilots are depended on for communicating to many different people, including passengers, air traffic controllers, attendants and other pilots.
  • Familiarize yourself with computers and their programs. 

#3: Engineering Manager
Highest salary:$140,210
Training time:6 to 7 years
Being an engineering manager is no easy job.  In addition to researching, coordinating and designing activities, they have to accomplish specific technical and scientific goals.  Most engineering managers begin their careers as engineers and can clock in more than 40 hours of work time so that they can meet the deadline of a project at the end of the week.  All we can say is, if you’re an engineering manager, it might be a good idea to invest in a coffee maker—you’ll need one.
Are you…

  • Good at math and science?
  • Able to manage both individuals and groups or teams?
  • A goal-setter?

How to prepare now:

  • Challenge yourself with difficult science and math classes.
  • Take on leadership roles at your school.
  • Develop strong writing and speaking skills by taking English, drama and speech classes. 

#2: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Highest Salary:$140,880 (and up!)
Training time:Varies
When a chief executive enters a room, they command it (think Donald Trump). As true leaders in their field, chief executives spearhead new initiatives and are able to tackle problems with full force. If you like to plan, direct, and conquer, read on.
Are you…

  • Super responsible?
  • A leader?
  • Able to make tough decisions under pressure?
  • Extremely organized and efficient?

How you can prepare now:

  • Take leadership positions at your school.
  • Start a group or club that you’re passionate about.
  • Take up a business class.

#1: Surgeon

Highest salary:$181,850
Training time:10 to 15 years
We all know that working in a hospital is more than gawking at the McDreamys in the ER (thank you, Grey’s Anatomy). TV aside, these real-life superheroes spend years studying and training to save lives. Though working 24-hour shifts can make balancing your professional and personal lives challenging at times, the rewards of helping others make it worth it.
Are you…

  • Compassionate?
  • A leader?
  • Able to work well under pressure?
  • A quick decision-maker?

How you can prepare now:

  • Load up on challenging math and science courses.
  • Explore the field of psychology to learn more about the human body and mind.
  • Intern or volunteer at a health clinic, hospital or nursing home.


Taylor Trudon (University of Connecticut ’11) is a journalism major originally from East Lyme, Connecticut. She is commentary editor of the student newspaper, The Daily Campus, a blogger for The Huffington Post and is a proud two-time 2009 and 2010 New York Women in Communications scholarship recipient. She has interned at Seventeen and O, The Oprah Magazine. After college, Taylor aspires to pursue a career in magazine journalism while living in New York City. When she's not in her media bubble, she enjoys making homemade guacamole, quoting John Hughes movies and shamelessly reading the Weddings/Celebrations section of The New York Times on Sundays (with coffee, of course).
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