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19 Signs You’re a Child Stuck in an Adult’s Body

The late author Terry Prachett once wrote, “…inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened.” No matter how old you are, you can still get silly enough to embarrass your loved ones. Or maybe like Tom Hanks’ character in Big, you’re literally a kid trapped inside a grown-up’s body. (In that case, I don’t know how to help you, sorry.)

Read on for 19 signs that you are eternally youthful!

1. You own an adult onesie. And you’re proud of it.

Hey, if Ryan Gosling can rock a footie pajama, why can’t you?

2. When you get bad news, you immediately call your mom.

Rebecca Black knows what’s up.

3. Then, you build a blanket fort…

Or a pillow fort. Whatever tickles your fancy.

4. And squirt whipped cream directly into your mouth.

Is there any other way to consume whipped cream?

5. The idea of having your own kids freaks you out. 


6. You wish you could order off the kids’ menu.

Mac ‘n’ cheese, please!

7. You occasionally find the word “butt” hilarious. 


8. Games like Candy Crush rule your life.

Hang on, I’ve got to harvest some virtual corn…

9. Gummy vitamins > regular vitamins.

Why should kids get all the fun?

10. You think of “Do Not Touch” signs as a challenge.

Challenge accepted!

11. You’ve been known to eat dessert before dinner.

Don’t judge.

12. Share your stuff? Never.

Hands off, okay?

13. When you see an epic staircase, you briefly consider sliding down it.

It’s a very efficient way to clean.

14. Your favorite movies are made by Disney.

Mulan for life.

15. Every Halloween, you keep a ton of candy for yourself.

They say to eat every color of the rainbow, right?

16. You’re not the biggest fan of the dark.


17. But you definitely sleep better with your trusty stuffed animal.

His name is Gerald.

18. You’re incapable of sending a message sans emoji.

*crying laughing emoji*

19. Impromptu dance parties are your jam.

Music optional.

Some might call you immature, but you’re certainly a blast to be around. Keep on indulging your inner child! 

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