I'm Mad That I'm Just Now Discovering How Good Rosehip Oil Is for My Skin

For the past year, I’ve watched a lot of influencers on social media use natural products on their face, especially oils. As someone with oily skin, I thought these wouldn’t really work for me. However, when one of my best friends suggested I use rosehip oil and told me that it wouldn’t make my skin oilier, I began to look into the benefits and was so surprised. 

One of the main benefits of rosehip oil is that it is a moisturizer for all skin types. To apply the oil, all you have to do is squeeze a couple drops, and make sure to press down as you smooth it across your skin. The hydrating benefits will have your face feeling baby-soft before you go to bed. Not only that, but the oil can also help with wrinkles, which is so important to think of even now as a college student. A lot of us tend to forget about anti-aging products since we don’t see any wrinkles on our skin at the moment, but trust me when I say that it’s better to save yourself from future stress and take care of your skin now.

My favorite benefit of rosehip oil is how it treats my scars. As someone who gets acne scars very easily, I was so happy to see this product diminish my scars without having inflammatory effects. It evens out my skin in the most gentle and soothing way possible. Here are a few incredible rosehip oils that you should definitely incorporate into your routine.

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

jar of rosehip oil Photo Courtesy of Trilogy

Trilogy, amazon.com , $20; shop now

This oil is definitely my favorite because my skin is very sensitive when it comes to breakouts and scarring, and this product is so gentle. This oil is the best for diminishing acne and blemishes, so if that is your main skin concern, try it out.

Radha Beauty Rosehip Oil

jar of rosehip oil Image Courtesy of Radha Beauty

Radha Beauty, radhabeauty.com , $14; shop now

This oil is super affordable for the amount supplied in one bottle, and the formula focuses on improving the texture of your skin. I’d say this one would help immensely for any struggles with fine lines or wrinkles.

Teddie Organics Rosehip Seed Oil for Face, Hair and Skin

jar of rosehip oil Image Courtesy of Teddie Organics

Teddie Organics, amazon.com , $13; shop now

Not only does this oil help a ton in terms of moisturizing, but it’s also a head-to-toe product. Use it anywhere from your hairline to the tips of your toes, and you’ll be able to treat your skin in the most soothing way possible.

Pura’dor 100% Rosehip Seed Oil

jar of rosehip oil Image Courtesy of Purad'or

Pura’dor, purador.com , $15; shop now

This brand really made sure to create their product specifically for those with sensitive skin, so if that’s an important factor for your skincare formulas, this is for you. Your skin will be put at ease in no time.

Honestly, I really wish I had found out about rosehip oil earlier, because it’s truly saved my skin. I’ve incorporated it into my daily routine by using it twice a day, and I appreciate how smooth and clean it makes me feel. I’ve truly seen a difference after just two months of using it.

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