Everything to Know About the New Flesh Beauty, Plus What We're Shopping First

Linda Wells, founder and former editor-in-chief of Allure and chief creative director at Revlon, has been writing about beauty for over 20 years, so we’re pretty confident that she knows a thing or two about what makes for a fantastic beauty line. And it looks like we’ll finally get to put that to the test, with the launch of Wells’ brand Flesh Beauty, coming to 510 Ulta stores on July 8.

Flesh Beauty is Revlon’s first high-end makeup brand, and all 12 of the new products have people buzzing. One of the most talked-about points is the brand’s commitment to inclusivity, with a whopping 40 foundation shades, a move Wells credited in an interview with The Cut to Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty for “set[ting] the bar.” It’s so exciting to see more brands start to be more conscious of darker skin tones in their complexion products, but Wells told The Cut that it shouldn’t be just a trend. “A trend suggests it can go out of style. This is a change in behavior, approach, and business. It has to be a new reality. It’s not just fashion. It’s sad we didn’t think about it before. It’s really important.”

Flesh Beauty’s approach to inclusivity doesn’t stop with its products, however, as its name (however uncomfortable it may sound) was also a conscious choice. According to Allure, the name is inspired by Wells’ time working as a beauty editor and being off-put by writers referring to peachy-beige products as “nude” or “flesh-toned.” Naming products meant for people with lighter skin “flesh” or “nude” implies that lighter skin is the natural or default skin tone, which is offensive and ostracizing to anyone not with that skin color. So, Wells says, “this is the idea of flesh color being every color of skin—the color of your skin. We want to change that idea by changing the whole color assortment of Flesh."

Wells’ thoughtful approach to creating Flesh Beauty is inspiring, and totally has us looking forward to heading to our nearest Ulta Beauty after July 8. Below, we’ve picked out some of our highly-anticipated favorites.

1. Firm Flesh Thickstick Foundation ($18)


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How could we not start with this one? Refinery29 had seven of their staffers with a range of different skin tones try out this product, and not only did each one find their perfect shade, but they also raved about the Thickstick’s formula and coverage. Sounds like a win-win to us. Wells told The Cut that the formula is entirely different for the darker and lighter shades: rather than simply adding more pigment, she wanted to tailor each formula to each skin tone so every consumer gets the best foundation for them. And since many of the “inclusive” foundations currently on the market are liquid foundation, this product might be the perfect fit for a collegiette with a darker skin tone who prefers a stick formula.

The actual amount of product is apparently pretty small, but a little goes a long way, from what we’ve heard. And as there’s no concealer available from Flesh Beauty just yet, you can consider picking up a lighter shade to cover up your undereyes.

2. Fleshpot Eye & Cheek Gloss ($20)

In case you haven’t heard, glossy lids are in. Wells took inspiration from the runways for this multi-use product, which is perfect on the eyes, and also as a highlighter or even lip gloss, according to the product description.

It also reportedly won’t be as sticky as a petroleum jelly, so you don’t have to worry about making a mess when doing your makeup (well, not any more than you already do usually). The gorgeous iridescence also hits the light in super flattering ways, giving you a gold, pink and peach sheen. And like all other Flesh Beauty products, it was created with all skin tones in mind. We’re adding this to our cart immediately.

3. Fleshy Lips Lipstick ($18)

The name may make you kind of squeamish, but don’t count this lipstick out just yet: the sheer finish and creamy feel makes this a cross between a tinted lip balm and a traditional lipstick. According to the Flesh Beauty website, the four available shades are “like the best version of your natural lips.”

So if you’re going for that “no-makeup” makeup look, considering picking up one of these. Allure and Refinery29 both recommend the shade Hungry, but they all look fabulous, and they’ll keep your lips moisturized and supple. What more could you want?

4. Fresh Flesh Illuminating Primer ($32)

Bustle reported that this primer sold out in one day, so you know it’s bound to be a good one: the Fresh Flesh Illuminating Primer adds radiance and glow that your skin will be thankful for, especially if you wear it under a matte or heavy foundation.

It’s also got some sweet ingredients, like ProVitamin B5 and glycerin, so your skin will be moisturized all day. We love beauty products that aim to keep your skin healthy in addition to making it look healthy, so we can’t wait to add this primer to our daily routine.

We can’t wait to try out all the Flesh Beauty products when they hit stores. Which product are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments!