The Beauty Trends & Products That'll Be Big in 2019

Oof, can you believe we're actually in 2019 already? With 2009 trends suddenly relevant again and the new year literally here, it's hard to believe how fast a year in beauty trends and products flies by. Last year, we had new palettes, dewy lids and IG-worthy selfies galore – but what buzzy releases and always-on trends should be on your radar for right now? 

We're giving you a look at what's going to be big in the beauty industry for college women, and what you'll see across influencer Instagrams and drugstore shelves alike. 

1. Fenty Beauty Concealers



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Rihanna announced that Fenty Beauty will be releasing concealers on January 11, with the same shade range as the beloved Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation. The concealer shades and foundation shades also correspond in number, making it hassle-free to find your true match.

Concealer plays an essential part in makeup routines because it's a quick fix for blemishes and dark circles. Fenty Beauty has always been known for high reviews about products with buildable coverage and long-lasting is it possible that Fenty will step into the top slot for concealer, too? 

2. Glosses

It is no secret that glosses have made a huge comeback, and not just for your lips – but for cheeks and eyelids too.

After years of a craze over matte lip products, the plumping, shiny products have caught our eyes once again. Kylie Cosmetics, Fenty Beauty, NYX, and more have released glosses in the past year that not only moisturize your lips, but also provide a fresh, natural-looking shine. We predict other brands are going to jump on the bandwagon and join the gloss fad, because they are definitely back and here to stay.

3. Natural Brows



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Recently, celebrities and influencers are embracing a more natural look for their eyebrows, rather than the heavily sculpted look that used to be aspirational. Brows that look more natural give the face a feathery and youthful look, and these blend more easily with a skincare-focused beauty routine that's been on the rise. Say goodbye to the picture-perfect Instagram arch, and hello to embracing your real brows!

4. Skincare Rise

It used to be all about contouring and baking, and while those aren't going away anytime soon, makeup practices are gaining less notariety, and there is less product being released to support them. Instead, it's all about skincare right now - from the aesthetic face masks to dewy skin selfies, healthy and natural skin is in. 

5. Blurring Primers

Of course your skin isn’t going to be perfect and poreless all the time. But sometimes you have an event to attend, and really need your pores to disappear for the night - we’ve all been there. That's why skin-blurring primers are starting to gain a lot of recognition. As long as you have a clear and beautiful base, your makeup will look fire.

This is especially prevalent now because, let’s be honest, we all love how we look with Snapchat filters. Right? Primers are a way to bring the way you look on the app, to real life. With the rise of social media and filters, that’s all we want TBH. Blurring primers will definitely change our lives this year.

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