5 Makeup Tricks to Make You Look More Awake

We’ve all been there: you stayed up too late studying for a big exam or had a club meeting that ran a little too late, causing you to not get enough sleep. Nobody likes to look like they only got a few hours of shut-eye, but when these days happen, it’s close to impossible to wake up with enough time or energy to apply a full face of makeup. Fortunately, we have a few great makeup tricks to help you look like you got your full eight hours without costing you much time.

Ombré Eyes

Ombré may not be the newest trend, but that doesn't mean it's going anywhere either. Just as ombré lipstick tutorials and hairstyles are still circulating Pinterest, eye makeup looks incorporating the style continue to make headlines in the beauty industry, and they can do wonders to brighten up your look. According to Lisa Flanagan, an aesthetician and makeup artist from Massachusetts, you should choose an ombré look that will work for your eye shape.

“The ombré trend is helpful for different types of eyes. If you have close-set eyes, use the lightest color of shadow on the outside of the eye in order to give a ‘pulling apart’ effect,” she says. “The opposite is true for wide-set eyes. Instead, use the darker color on the outside and the lightest color on the inside to give the illusion of the eyes being closer together.”

The ombré look can be completed with any shades of shadows that you desire, such as blue, purple, brown or green.

Highlighted Eyes

By incorporating light colors, your eyes can instantly be transformed from drab to fab. Use a pure white eyeliner pencil to line the inner rims of your eyes, then blend it into the inner and outer corners as a highlight to make your eyes look bright. To create some optional contrast, you can add a coat of black liner against your top and bottom lashes in a very thin line. Finish the look with a swipe or two of black mascara to make your eyes pop and awaken the rest of your face. A great white liner to try is the Eye Pencil To Go in “Pure White” from Sephora ($6).

Bold Lips

Save the nude lipstick for a different day—if you don’t have time to apply eye makeup, it may make you look even more tired if that’s the only product that you’re applying. A bold swipe of berry, a girly tint of pink or a classic red are all good color options. To avoid looking like a walking pair of lips, apply a few coats of mascara to your lashes and some concealer underneath your eyes.

Sexy, Fluttery Lashes

On the days when you feel a little too “blah” to function, a killer set of lashes can open up your eyes and enhance your overall look. After using an eyelash curler to curl your lashes, apply one to two coats of volumizing mascara, such as Benefit’s “They’re Real!” mascara ($23). The formula lengthens, curls and lifts your lashes to their fullest potential, giving the effect of false lashes for the days when you don’t have time to apply them.

A Shimmer Here, A Shimmer There

Everybody loves a little shimmer. We especially love it because it automatically wakes up your whole look! Whether you choose to use a bit of luminizer on the top of your cheekbones, such as Benefit’s Girl Meets Pearl Liquid Pearl Luminizer for Face ($30), or a sparkly eyeshadow like one from Sephora ($13), your look will be radiant and feminine. Make sure you only choose one shimmer element to add to your look so it’s not too overwhelming for class.

For the days where you want to look a little perkier without spending too much time on your regular routine, choose a trick from our list for a look that is sure to wake you up. You’ll feel more confident and awake in no time!