The 5 Best Halloween Makeup Tutorials on YouTube

Average beauty junkies likely spend more time watching YouTube makeup tutorials than they watch shows on Netflix. This is especially true once Halloween starts approaching. Whether you have your Halloween costume ready or not, these videos will definitely inspire you. Even non-beauty junkies will find them mesmerizing!

1. Walking Snapchat story

We’ll already be sending hundreds of snaps this Halloween. We might as well become them too!

2. Barbie girl fail

Life in plastic, it’s fantastic… or is it? Barbie seems perfect, but she is just a piece of plastic after all, and she’ll melt away if we aren’t careful.

3. Two is better than one!

Make everyone dizzy with this unique look. One face is just way too boring for Halloween – two faces is the way to go!

4. Vamped out

Being a vampire may seem like a safe costume choice for Halloween, but there are so many ways to execute it. See how Youtube makeup goddess Christen Dominique updates the look!

5. Scary mermaid

Here's a way to be a majestic mermaid and still be scary enough for Halloween.