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Wandii Muinde

SJSU '26

Hi! My name is Wandii, and I am a second year at SJSU studying International Business. I am interested in minoring in digital media or something along the lines of information in technology.
I am a first-generation Kenyan American, and my parents have supported me in earning a high school degree and getting me into college. I have been fortunate to try so many activities throughout my life. Down the line, I stuck to building my passion and skill in dance and playing the piano. Some hobbies I have acquired are writing poems, going to the gym, learning how to roller skate, and traveling no matter how far; I love to experience beautiful scenery and new cultures.
My love for writing poems and daily journaling sparked my interest in writing articles about topics from music to the arts, hot topics, world issues, and general pop culture. Applying for Her Campus at SJSU is one of the best decisions I have made going into college as a first year. The club opened the perfect opportunity for me to utilize my writing potential in a community of supportive and inspiring women.