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Vanessa Miraples

U Toronto

I'm a Shakespeare loving, eyebrow obsessing beauty junkie, who adores all things having to do with Harry Potter, delicious food, and good music. After 4 years I've finally graduated from the oh so wonderful, University of Toronto and am currently working toward a Masters of Information degree.  

I'd like to think of myself as a modern day romantic with an unquenchable wanderlust. My current dream is to one day go on an international library hopping adventure! For an aspiring special collections librarian, that is definitely at the top of my list post-graduation. I am a frequent visitor of the ROM and love going see the Nutcracker during the holidays. As a Decemeber baby myself, I absolutely love the winter time, the snow, the holiday cheer, and the half coffee half hot chocolates I get from Timmys. As for music, my likes are pretty much across the board! From John Mayer to Sam Smith, Debussy to Duke Ellington, Xtina to today's pop hits, you'll find me somewhere in the middle.

On a regular day, you'll probably find me at home with my dog Kacy on a Mad Men binge, or catching up with Once Upon a Time, The Good Wife, How To Get Away With Murder and Suits- ps. I love netflix!