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Are We Taking Contouring Too Far?

Let’s list the things the beauty world has contoured so far: faces, chests, clavicles, and now legs, stomachs, and arms y’all! Take a look at some images floating around the internet:

If you know me, you already know that I absolutely love contouring the hell out of my cheeks and nose – and that hasn’t changed! But, I’m starting to think that contouring is being taken to the extreme, just a tad. Thinking about contouring something like my legs or the back of my neck seems a little over the top, not to mention super time consuming. I mean, for one, that’s a lot of product you’re using, and so much blending needs to be done! My make up stores would empty out real quick if I contoured both my legs on a regular basis.

I guess the point that I’m making is that sometimes, maybe contouring isn’t such a good idea? (Gasp, I know!) 

I mean, let’s use the leg contouring example again. Who is really going to get up and think, I’m gonna take an hour or more contouring my legs just right today! No one, am I right? If you’re willing to go through all of that, you should really channel that energy or drive into something else, like feeling comfortable in your own skin, or maybe just walking or running a little more than usual to get your legs toned up. I know, this is a real life epiphany, but all jokes aside, it is possible. I’m pretty sure it would be cheaper too because we all know how much the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit is! (It certainly ain’t cheap y’all).

Also, I want to know who decided to contour the back of their necks and started that fad. Is that the new beauty standard? A toned and thin neck? REALLY? Who even looks at the back of someone’s neck and thinks to themselves: “Damn that is one fine neck right there”NO ONE. Well, unless you’re into that kind of thing- but ah! I digress.

Contouring is great, but these new contouring fads and trends are just telling women that we’ve got to alter the appearance of our legs, necks, stomachs, etc. – and that this pursuit is a good thing. Thinking about it, if I ever felt the need to really contour my whole body (I feel like that is where this trend is heading to now), I would just be in a kind of denial really. I wouldn’t be accepting my body or my appearance, but instead I would be trying really hard to adhere to the beauty standards of modern day, which we all know is just impossible to keep up with. I don’t think anyone should work that hard to find a way to love the way they look – and I am 100% sure that your neck (and other body parts) will be just as beautiful make-up free as it is with make-up on.


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