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We’re in the thick of Hallo-weeked, and Halloween itself is only a couple days away! If you’re like me and still scrounging TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, or the holy grail— Google—for last-minute costumes to wear, look no further. I have five cute, fun costume ideas for you and your friend group.

Taylor’s version Albums

It is near impossible to miss Taylor Swift’s success this year as she dominates charts, socials, and even the box office with her new Eras Tour movie. Whether or not you’re a Swiftie, you’ve probably heard of Swift re-recording and releasing her original albums, aptly named “Taylor’s Version.” 

Each of these albums have distinct album covers and looks by Swift over the years, so you and your friends can each pick your favorite album and dress up as the Taylor era you love the most. The best part is that many albums can be recreated using pieces you already own (like a flannel jacket for Evermore or a flowy white dress for Fearless).

P.S. Bonus points if you blast tracks from each of your albums while you’re out and about on Halloween!

The Last of Us

If you’re looking for something a little scarier this Halloween, consider putting a new spin on the tried and true monster look. Now, I know that we all struggle from short-term memory, but some of you might remember the internet craze over Pedro Pascal and The Last of Us back in January. 

For this costume you and your friends can dress up as different characters from the series/videogame, or test out your makeup skills and try to recreate “the infected” creatures’ look from the show. 

Worried about ruining your clothes with fake blood or makeup while trying to get that messy, post-apocalyptic survivor look? In that case, you can head to any Goodwill or Marshalls, or buy some affordable pieces you won’t miss after.

Mario Brothers

Not only is there a vast array of characters (you have the whole mushroom kingdom to choose from, people!), but with the movie hitting theaters this past summer, a Mario-inspired costume will be more relevant than ever. 

For Mario and Luigi, just slap on a pair of white gloves, overalls or denim, and your favorite green or red top. If you’re more of a Princess Peach gal, chances are you have a pink dress in your closet already and you can either create or buy a little tiara and gloves to complete the look.

If you and your friends want to go as a group of toads, simply get a vest and DIY a white bucket hat by gluing on some different colored felt circles for spots. 

While you’ve probably seen these costume on everyone from little kids to dogs, it is nonetheless iconic, recognizable, and a timeless classic you can’t go wrong with.

Rihanna’s HalfTime Show

Another major event this year (and every year) was the Super Bowl. While I’m not a football fan, you better believe I enthusiastically tuned in to Rihanna’s iconic halftime show.

Rihanna wore bright red from head to toe while her back-up dancers donned white puffers, pants, and sunglasses.

All you need for this costume is one extroverted friend willing to deck themselves out in red, and then everyone else can dress in white. 

In my opinion, this costume is perfect for large group of people or for my fellow Bostonians concerned about the cold October weather. I know some people prefer to brave the weather and sacrifice for the outfit, but if that’s not your philosophy, then this costume is the one for you. 

P.S. If you’re really going for an accurate costume, you can even add a fake baby bump!

Daughters of Triton

Last on the list is a personal favorite of mine: the daughters of Triton.

Another major movie to hit theaters this year was the live action Little Mermaid, and one of my favorite scenes has always been the dance number with the daughters of Triton. 

This costume is a slightly different take on your typical mermaid costume. You and your friends simply need to pick a daughter of Triton to model your costumes after and fulfill your life-long desires to be mermaids (because everyone has one, right?). 

If you’re planning on wearing multiple costumes, Halloween can get expensive. With this costume, it doesn’t have to be! You can go thrifting or find affordable pieces, such as a green skirt, mermaid-inspired tops, or jewelry (A.K.A. thing-a-ma-bobs) online on Depop or Amazon to assemble your costume.

Halle Bailey as Ariel in the Little Mermaid
Honorary Mention: Barbie

Let’s be honest, this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Barbie, the blockbuster of the summer.

There’s no shortage of costumes for you to pick from when it comes to Barbie. Sure, a lot of people will probably be wearing it this year, but who cares? With the original barbie, astronaut barbie, lawyer barbie and more, this costume is a great option.

no matter what you Are for Halloween, it’s a time for friends, fun, and candy, so don’t stress out over your costume! 

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