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Sanjana Ganesh

SJSU '27

Hey! I'm Sanjana, but you can call me Sanju. I’m currently a Communication Studies student at SJSU. I love food, especially frozen desserts and tiramisu. Boba is my go-to drink, and I'm always down to explore new boba stores and flavors (though mango-passionfruit green tea remains my favorite).

I'm actively building my online presence on Instagram and YouTube, sharing my journey as a student. Through these platforms, I aim to connect with other students who are also pursuing higher education. I also aspire to launch a relevant blog and sell handmade stationery someday.

In my spare time, you'll find me engaged in writing, reading (particularly YA fiction), and dancing. As a K-pop fan, I mostly participate in K-pop dance covers, and my favorite groups include NCT, Stray Kids, and ITZY. As a music enthusiast in general, I vibe with various genres. Ultimately, my life goal is to explore and travel the world!