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Pilar Parker

NCSU '27

Pilar Parker is a first year at North Carolina State University and a writer for Her Campus. Pilar has many interests including in fashion, media, film, journalism, etc. She is majoring in Psychology and intends to minor in another area of interest. Along with psychology, she is on a pre-health track and hopes to become a psychiatrist to provide mental health resources to underfunded and overlooked communities.

Pilar was the President and Founder of a mental health club on her high school campus, The Soul Soup Club. As the President she also ran her club’s social media accounts and likes to passionately learn and discuss issues that are relevant to today’s world. She could also be found often working for her community in major ways through her high school’s chapter of the DREAM Team where she planned awareness events and campaigns for necessary causes and wrote important presentations for issues facing her campus and the community at large.

Pilar was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina with her best friend and dog, Lela. In her free time, she likes to watch her favorite films which include The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Beautiful Boy, and Twilight. Pilar is also a music lover and enjoys jamming out to Taylor Swift and Nirvana or relaxing to Tame Impala and Billie Eilish. She is also a huge shopper and can be found any day of the week, online shopping or peaking in the mall.