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Patricia Ortiz

UPRM '26

Patricia Ortiz is a dedicated writer for Her Campus at the UPRM chapter. As a sophomore majoring in both History and English, she consistently showcases her passion for entertainment, fashion and pop culture through her articles. She hopes one day to become a fashion historian, or at the very least, contributing to a leading fashion magazine.

Outside of her studies and writing, her interests are diverse. She has a keen eye for fashion, often drawing inspiration from both past and present. An avid movie buff, she enjoys delving into films from various parts of the worlds, decades and genres. Some of her current favorites include “Clue”, “Young Frankenstein” and, “The Thin Man”. Her musical tastes are equally eclectic, with a particular fondness for the soulful melodies of Lana Del Rey.

Above all, she is known for her drive and commitment. She’s a self-proclaimed overachiever, always looking for ways to better herself and support her peers. Whether in the classroom, writing, or just engaging with others, she is always ready to lend a helping hand, ensuring that everyone around her reaches their utmost potential.