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UC Irvine '25

Hi, I'm Noella :)

I am a third year journalism student at UC Irvine. I have always loved writing and hope to continue writing in the future.

Growing up in England, I was always encouraged to read. My favourite book is, 'Alone With You in the Ether' by Olivie Blake. It is always my go-to recommendation to any fellow readers.

Like many people, I enjoy listening to music and seeing friends in my spare time. I like to stay active and sometimes go on neighbourhood runs.

I particularly like to write about life and wellness. I think there is so much to think about and expand on with these topics. As a woman entering her twenties, I am very much navigating through love and life. I have more questions than answers, but I realise there is a kind of freedom in the time I have, to grow and understand.

Writing is my passion and I love to spend time with my thoughts and put them on paper. I think writing is an important tool, and one that is worth sharpening.