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Mia Di Panfilo

Toronto MU '23

Hello readers!
My name is Mia Di Panfilo, a second-year journalism student pursuing a double minor in Public Relations and Communication Design. Writing is my way of expressing myself and my ideas to the world. My biggest dream is to be able to share stories from all around the world and advocate for the people who can’t use their voices.

For as long as I can remember, travelling the world has been one of my greatest passions. I spent a summer travelling through multiple countries across Europe and it seemed like my whole world had shifted. Getting the chance to immerse myself in different cultures, ways of life, people, and experiences had a way of fulfilling me like no other. Learning about cultures that aren’t my own was the greatest gift I am forever grateful for.

I love to be a part of organizations that help others and be in settings where I can create connections with new people. I have spent my life immersing myself in various outlets of life such as travel, committees, sports teams, councils and volunteering. My family and friends are where I get my support and heart from. They make me want to continue to strive for the best possible version of myself. Cultivating new skills and experiences from different people is something that satisfies my hungry curiosity and yearning for life.