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Lily McPherson

CU Boulder '24

Lily is a new member here at HCCU! She has joined the team as a writer as well as a social media team member this Fall. Her role is to help oversee the socials as well as create content.

Lily is a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder. She is majoring in Sociology with a minor in Women and Gender Studies and a certificate in Social Innovation. Lily is also a part of Phi Alpha Delta which is the pre-law fraternity at CU. She also volunteers for the CU Restorative Justice program as a community representative. Lastly, Lily is one of the team managers for the CU Women's Basketball Team.

Lily loves to consume anything pop culture. Whether it be films, books, music, or even TikTok. She is currently reading the first Percy Jackson book "The Lighting Thief”. Lily’s favorite film is the 2019 version of “Little Women”. She also loves to spend time with her family who all live back in the Midwest as well as her dog M&M! Lily spends any time outside of academics spending time with her friends whether it be playing basketball at the rec, hammocking in the mountains, or participating in game night.