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Lilia Memarzadeh

Agnes Scott '22

Lilia Memarzadeh is a first-year student at Agnes Scott and a native of Atlanta. While she is undecided in her major, her academic interests include anthropology, psychology,  and history. On any given Saturday morning, you will probably find Lilia sipping a latte in a local coffee shop engrossed in a book. She also enjoys creating her own cosmetic products using natural ingredients, cuddling on the couch with her beloved cockapoo dog, exploring the different restaurants and shops in the Atlanta/Decatur area, and the occasional (or not so occasional) Netflix binge. A profile of Lilia would be incomplete without including her love of travel. While she already has had the privilege of traveling through the United States and 10 other countries, there are still many places that she would like to visit. Some of the destinations on her travel bucket list include Moscow, Oslo, Yerevan, and Cape Town.