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Krisia Rodriguez Marin

UPR '24

Krisia Rodriguez is a writer at Her Campus at UPR chapter. She writes articles about a wide variety of topics including skincare, lifestyle, spirituality, books, and culture.

Beyond Her Campus, Krisia works as a bookstore employee at Librería Laberinto, where she attends to customers’ needs, gives out recommendations on various genres and topics of books, manages transactions, prepares packages for the mail, and maintains a good environment for the enjoyment of the customers. She is preparing for an internship at Ediciones Laberinto where she will learn the ropes on the process of editing and dealing properly with written works from authors. She is currently finishing her bachelors degree in Creative Writing at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras where she’ll take off on her book writing journey.

In her free time, Krisia enjoys running and practicing kenjutsu, and also likes to do research on the best skincare guidance or fashion trends. She loves writing, listening to movie soundtracks, and reading a good fantasy book. While she’s a real spiritual geek, she’s also a hobby hoarder. Her time is well spent when she does the things she loves, may it be giving good advice to friends, spending time with animals, or making the best 80’s playlists.