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I Tried A Korean Skincare Routine: Here’s How it Went

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPR chapter.

Korean skincare might be a bit overwhelming when you first dive into the many options available because of its large catalog. However, marketing plays a big role in this confusion because, once you learn the basics, it’s quite simple and effective if you figure out your skin’s needs first. Nonetheless, let’s dive into Korean skincare and how the process went for me!

Finding a proper skincare routine can be a daunting task, but with the help of my favorite YouTuber Dr. Shereene Idriss, a certified board dermatologist from New York City, the process went smoothly for me. Dr. Idriss’s great advice helped me narrow down which Korean products I could implement in my routine according to my skin type and my needs. First, my skin was categorized as “combination skin,” which means that it might have some dry patches while being oily prone at the same time. Due to my hormonal imbalances, I tend to suffer from breakouts on my chin so I have a few things to work on. I use a lot of products, but here I’ll be sharing the brands that helped me with the specific problems I mentioned before.

Starting with my night routine because it’s the one where I use targeted products.

The first brand I tried was Beauty of Joseon, and I used three different products from them: a green tea + panthenol serum, that helped with the redness on my face due to breakouts; a red bean paste mask that helped balance out my tone, and whiteness due to being dehydrated; and the product I will forever live for, their sunscreen. These products were all great, they felt natural and were lightweight, especially the sunscreen which I use during my daily routine as well. It leaves no white cast and effectively protects my skin against the sun, which is something we often look for in these products.

The next brand is Laneige; I use their cream skin toner, lip balms, the lip mask at night, and the water sleeping mask. The cream skin toner is an amazing product, it moisturizes my skin without leaving it greasy and it has a dewy effect that I enjoy, so it’s perfect for a tropical gal like me at night. I use their lip balms throughout the day because they retain the moisture of my lips. I know that all of this might seem like a lot, but I use most of these products only once or every two weeks except for serums and toners.

Lastly, COSRX was a game changer. The snail mucin power essence was pretty straightforward in its purpose of retaining the moisture on my face while rehabilitating my skin barrier. Overall, my skin felt well taken care of. I also used their snail mucin cream, which is the best show closer for my night routine because it seals up all the moisture on my face and keeps me fresh until morning.

Adding these products over 3 weeks to my normal routine made me see improvement on the resemblance and health of my skin. I’d recommend these brands to anyone looking to boost their routines with budget-friendly options.

Krisia Rodriguez is a writer at Her Campus at UPR chapter. She writes articles about a wide variety of topics including skincare, lifestyle, spirituality, books, and culture. Beyond Her Campus, Krisia works as a bookstore employee at Librería Laberinto, where she attends to customers’ needs, gives out recommendations on various genres and topics of books, manages transactions, prepares packages for the mail, and maintains a good environment for the enjoyment of the customers. She is preparing for an internship at Ediciones Laberinto where she will learn the ropes on the process of editing and dealing properly with written works from authors. She is currently finishing her bachelors degree in Creative Writing at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras where she’ll take off on her book writing journey. In her free time, Krisia enjoys running and practicing kenjutsu, and also likes to do research on the best skincare guidance or fashion trends. She loves writing, listening to movie soundtracks, and reading a good fantasy book. While she’s a real spiritual geek, she’s also a hobby hoarder. Her time is well spent when she does the things she loves, may it be giving good advice to friends, spending time with animals, or making the best 80’s playlists.