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Winthrop’s Theatre Department: Into the Woods

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winthrop chapter.

If you’re anything like me, you definitely need a break sometimes. One of my favorite ways to get away from the stress of everyday life is to visit the theater and enjoy various productions. And luckily, I am never too far away. Winthrop has a wonderful Theatre and Dance Department.


The most recent production the department put on was James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods. Sadly, their production is no longer running, but if you happen upon another production of it or plan to see the movie, I do highly recommend it for the storyline itself. But warning:


So no griping about all the singing!

Winthrop’s Theatre program did a wonderful job of bringing this show to life on stage. Everyone from the performers, to the orchestra, the artistic staff and the production staff were flawless in their role. There’s no way I can go about explaining the entire play or critiquing everyone’s performance (which I couldn’t anyways because they are all more fabulous at what they do than I am) therefore, I just have some notable awards to give out which are completely biased and not at all real awards (so don’t worry if your name isn’t mentioned, you were great and already better at life than I am).

The Most Entertaining Performer Despite Having No Lines:


Sarah Fetner as the cow Milky White.


The Most Outstanding Performer Despite Having Possibly the Creepiest Role in Existence:


Daniel Derrer as the Wolf.


The Most Talented Performer Whose Voice is Second to None Therefore Making Everyone (Me) Jealous: 


Hannah Hustad as Cinderella.


The Most Hilarious Drunk That Should Be Featured in Every Theatre Production (as long as they’re 21, of course):


Timothy McFall as Cinderella’s Father.


The Most Consistently Enjoyable Performers to Watch and Thankfully They Were in Most Scenes:


Jonathan Hoskins and Taylor Neal as the Baker and his Wife.


The Most Hilarious Performers in a Musical Number Despite Kind of Being Awful Male Characters:


Shivam Patel as Cinderella’s Prince and Trey King as Rapunzel’s Prince in “Agony Reprise”.


The Most Outstanding Cast/Orchestra/Artistic and Production Crew in a Musical:

The entire team behind Winthrop’s production of Into the Woods! I thoroughly enjoyed it and I know everyone I spoke with did as well. Wonderful work!

So basically, if you haven’t checked out Winthrop’s Department of Theatre and Dance yet, I’m sorry to say you’ve been missing out. But, it’s always better to be later than never, so make sure you visit the theater for their next production, Leading Ladies by Ken Ludwig, which will run from April 8-11 at 8 p.m., and April 12 at 2 p.m. in Johnson Theatre.

It’s alright if you’ve never ventured over to the “artsy” side of campus and have to pull out a map to find the building, but there’s no better time like the present to find out something new (Hint: it’s on the opposite side of the West Center than DiG’s).

Go forth, de-stress and enjoy the world of theatre!


Kali Coleman is currently a freshman Mass Communications major at Winthrop University. Although it’s hard, she has found hobbies outside of napping and Netflix – the gods of activities in her opinion. These hobbies include writing, art, theatre, and most importantly – comedy. She finds the best way to get through any day is with a laugh (or hopefully multiple laughs). Mindy Kaling is her personal hero. If you reference anything to the shows The Mindy Project or Parks and Recreation, you might accidentally not be able to shut her up. She also is obsessed with smoothies and the a cappella group Pentatonix (who she may have seen 5 times in concert - oops), which don’t really correlate unless you can come up with some weird correlation. If you wish to know anything more about her or just read some of her other internet ramblings, you can follow her on Twitter and/or Instagram: @kalifornia429
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