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Jess Rampersaud

CU Boulder '24

Jess Rampersaud is a participating writer at the Her Campus at CU Boulder chapter.

Aside from participating in Her Campus at CU Boulder, Jess has interned this past summer in NYC for a Professional Services firm. She has previously worked with the University of Colorado at Boulder Student Government from 2021-2023 as Intern Director and Health & Safety Chair. Jess has also volunteered as a Peer Mentor her sophomore year of college through Mentor Collective to help freshmen adjust to college settings. She attended school in her hometown in Westchester NY before coming to CU to study English Literature and Psychology with a Presidential Scholarship.

Jess is the ultimate foodie and loves all things related to travel. Some of her several interests include playing tennis and soccer, ice skating, hanging with friends, making playlists, and cooking or baking. This is her last semester writing for Her Campus before she graduates in December 2023.