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Gabriela Quinones

UPRM '24

Gabriela Quiñones is a writer for Her Campus UPRM. She writes about local places to visit in Puerto Rico and curious things about languages.

Gabriela has also participated in the Young Adults for the Environment (YRE) competition. Here, she won first in the local competition and third in the international competition. Her article about the importance of the sand dunes of Puerto Rico has appeared in YRE’s webpage. She is currently completing a bachelor’s in English with a concentration in Linguistics, along with a minor in International Relations and another in Computerized Information Systems. Outside of writing, Gabriela participates in an interdisciplinary investigation concerning ambiguity in language and artificial intelligence.

In her free time, Gabriela enjoys knitting and crocheting, two hobbies that help her destress. She also enjoys reading and learning more about the topics that interest her. Gabriela is also an avid Trekkie; she credits the characters for giving her the push to try out new things.