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Colleen G.

Hey there, reader, my name is Colleen! I am a biology and leadership studies student at Christopher Newport University. My passions lie within the environmental realm, feminism, activism, and pretty much any of social justice and economic movements. I also love dancing (I'm in a kick ass, all girls hip hop group called Hypnotic Control and danced competitively in the ballroom world), climbing (bouldering has screwed me up so I top rope nowadays), and being loud (I can't help my voice levels sometimes, especially when I'm excited).

My goal on this site is to promote feminism for what it really is: equality of the genders. I also aim to demonstrate how the environmental movement is a movement of movements. Issues such as racial inequality, student debt, anti-abortion laws...they all have similar roots that tie them to environmental justice.

I hope you enjoy what I have to offer!