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Carla Gonzalez Clifford

UPR '25

Carla Gonzalez Clifford is a newly formed writer here at Her Campus UPR chapter! She’s passionate about creating, writing, and overseeing her interests regarding this generation’s culture. While she finds every genre easy and fun to read, Carla prefers articles related to pop culture, in her 20s topics, or anything based on zodiac signs (she'll eat that up for breakfast, lunch and dinner). Additionally, she’ll over analyze entertainment, fantasy, and topic articles related to books, skin care or anything to do with Taylor Swift.
She’s a fourth-year student, studying Political Science specifically Foreign Policy and Woman Studies, with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. Outside of college, however, she’s a fitness expert at Best Buy, where she’s been around for over a year now; learning, coaching, and selling fitness and recovery equipment.
Outside of the University and work realm, Carla has almost no time for extracurriculars activities, but when she does, her life becomes a little better. For instance, reading and listening to music are two of her all-time favorite hobbies. She also has a deep obsession with the Game of Thrones universe, House Targaryen being her favorite house over House Stark (unpopular opinion). Lastly, if she’s not busy with school, work or reading, being outside (specifically walking on the beach) brings her peace and comfort.