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The ‘Eras Tour’: Taylor Swift’s Most Impactful Tour Yet

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Hey, Swifties! It’s been a chaotic and fun couple of months, with our favorite artist going on tour while adding more dates across the U.S., not to mention the re-releasing of her studio album versions; Speak Now TV being the latest released and 1989 TV pre-released as of October 27th. With the amount of praise, respect, and love she’s been receiving since the Eras Tour began, Taylor Swift has become a worldwide phenomenon, having fans travel internationally just to see her perform live. But this isn’t the first time she’s reached this level of success, so why has the Eras Tour set it apart from previous years? Before we can dive in, we need to establish what exactly the Eras Tour is and how it places Taylor Swift’s impact on pop culture.

What is the ‘Eras Tour’ exactly?

The Eras Tour consists of none other than Taylor Swift’s ten studio albums, which adds up to more than 17 years of writing and producing songs, albums, and music videos. Performing in stadiums with a setlist of approximately 45 songs, while dancing, playing the piano, and interacting with the crowd, the show has a duration of three hours. Fans get to enjoy the setlist with a surprise song from any of her ten albums, plus witness the lucky fan who gets to receive the famous black hat while the song “22” plays. It’s also important to mention that Taylor Swift’s team picks out who gets to walk to the front of the stage, hug Taylor, and receive the hat; a tradition added to the Eras Tour which only a small percentage of people get to experience.

‘eras tour’ impact

Obviously, you can’t talk about the Eras Tour and not mention the friendship bracelets, which thousands of fans make and trade with each other the night of the concert. It’s been a tradition since the tour began in Arizona, in reference to the song “You’re on Your Own, Kid” featured in her latest album Midnights.

Taylor is also known for wearing flashy and colorful outfits representing her studio album versions that she announces mid-concerts, her latest being the 1989 Taylor’s Version (A.K.A., my all-time favorite Taylor Swift album!). Another tradition is that Swifties who attend the concert go dressed up inspired by their favorite albums or their favorite music video.

It’s remarkable seeing the effort and love they put into their outfits, and it just goes to show the influence Taylor Swift has on her fans. It also represents the impact it’s having on pop culture. With The Weeknd and Beyoncé also going on tour, there’s been an increased sighting of fans dressing up as their favorite album or song and even making friendship bracelets. And, while it’s not something Taylor invented, you can’t deny that its recent increase in popularity has been after the Eras Tour.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a Taylor Swift fan you should give her a chance and if you like what you hear, then maybe you should try and get tickets. At the end of the day, it’s more than a concert and the experience is worth waiting for while it successfully keeps setting high standards.

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