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Bridget Coulter


Bridget Coulter currently splits her time between being a full time freshman at Manhattanvile College and part time work as a bat-themed vigilante. Her major is technically Undeclared at the moment, but she's thinking about majoring in Communications and Media with minors in art and theater. She'll get back to you on that when she's figured it out.

In her free time, Bridget likes to draw, play video games, and spend too much time on Twitter and Tumblr. She also enjoys chocolate, her dog Shad, and the color rainbow. Bridge is a very big fan of the 1982 cinematic masterpiece, Tootsie. When she grows up, she wants to make art and help tell stories that are good and make people smile because that is what is important to her.

Bridget can be found on Twitter at @thisisbridge, Facebook (send her a message! she likes making new friends.), or Tumblr. Not that she'll tell you her tumblr. Not yet, at least.