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Asya McDonald

UGA '23

I am pursuing a dual major in pre-law and journalism. I am from Florida originally. However, I am currently living in Georgia while attending university. While at the Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communication, I am learning about the community by interviewing local restaurant and bar owner owners. When I am not in class, I volunteer with the campus organization Speak Out For Species to advocate for animal rights and a vegan lifestyle.

I am also a digital content creator with a mass following of over 150,000 followers on my various platform who have recently registered my media company, Caution District Inc as a business. I produced lifestyle, fashion, travel, and activism content on my website, Caution District. To further my passion for fighting injustice globally, I learned how to sew and launched Caution District Threads my sustainable fashion shop, to bring awareness about ethical and slow fashion practices during the quarantine.

I create content on my platforms because I believe in education, transparency, and inspiring my audience to live their full potential, not conform to society’s standards. I aspire to be a positive influence here to get it right through my content, not to be right!