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Arshia Mehta

Delhi North '27

Born into a generation characterized by tumultuous times and instability, Arshia possesses a profound zeal for global politics and international affairs. Since 2019, she has actively participated in more than 90 Model United Nations (MUN) conferences, showcasing her fervor for diplomacy and negotiation.
Arshia stands as a dedicated orator, earning accolades not only from MUNs but also from debates, extempores, and various other competitions on both national and international stages. Her commitment to social responsibility is exemplified by her collaboration with numerous humanitarian organizations, including Goong NGO, The Menaka Gandhi Organisation for Animal Welfare, Humans for Humankind, and Sexceed India.
She firmly believes in the pivotal role of nurturing young minds to contribute to a better world that upholds our shared values and principles.