Why You Wear Your Alex and Ani: Become a Part of #InspirationNation!

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There's no reason not to love Alex and Ani. They've got adorable jewelry, with some of the cutest charm bangles ever. They have a line called Charity by Design where a portion of your purchase goes to charity. And Alex and Ani Designer Carolyn Rafaelian uses recycled materials as part of her commitment to a greener future for our planet. All sounds good so far, right?

But best of all, Alex and Ani is actually designed to empower the girls who wear their jewelry. Each bangle is created with an inspirational meaning behind it. So, when you're selecting your charms, you can truly pick out the ones that reflect your personality. The team at Alex and Ani believes that the products you wear speak volumes about who you are, and they want you to be able to show off exactly what's important to you.

When I put on my Tree of Life Alex and Ani bangle, I'm doing a lot more than just wearing a cute bangle - although it is absolutely adorable, believe me!! When I first picked it out, I was just looking for something cute, but in each Alex and Ani box is a short story about the meaning of the bangle, and once I read it, I was hooked. Not only does my Tree of Life bangle reflect my style, it also reflects my personal connection with nature and the idea of constant growth.

A lot of our readers are already fans of Alex and Ani. You might have gotten one our their bangles in our giveaways, or if you joined us for our ULTRA Holiday Party in Boston you probably have your own gorgeous Alex and Ani bangle. Or maybe you were a trendsetter who has known about Alex and Ani forever! No matter how you found out about them, now it's your turn to tell Alex and Ani why you love their products.

What is it about Alex and Ani that makes it so special to you? We want to know why you wear your bangles: tell us your stories of power, positivity, strength, inspiration, or whatever else you draw from your jewelry. Share your story by submitting it on facebook, tweet  #InspirationNation to @AlexAndAni, or send your story directly to InspirationNation@alexandani.com. When you share your story, you could be featured as Alex and Ani's inspiration of the week, and you'll also be entered to win a chance to be in an upcoming Alex and Ani commercial.

What are you waiting for, collegiettes? Share your story, and help inspire even more girls to become a part of #InspirationNation!

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